Mar 28, 2017

Oh my Flat Backside!

Do you have a flat backside?  If you do, you might experience bagging under your backside when wearing pants.
In this video, see how to refine the fit of the pants back when drawing the Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants pattern to accommodate a flat backside.  This is a common issue for lots of women and men and no matter your gender, the process to resolve this issue is the same.

And for some crazy reason, you can no longer view these videos when looking at your emails.  You will need to click through to my web page where all these short video tutorials are listed.  Please go to  

I know the videos are in a small viewing format.  That's to reduce file size with the hosting company I use.  However, you can easily click on the title of the video and will automatically open up in YouTube where you can watch it in a larger viewing format.

Happy Sewing...
Glenda the Good Stitch

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