Sep 19, 2017

Canary Yellow Princess Seam Pants

Before summer was totally over, my intention was to sew up this BRIGHT patterned fabric into a pair of princess seam pants...and they're done!  Let's take a look.

 The Front...

 The Side...

The Back...

Since the floral pattern kind of camouflages the princess seam up the center of the back leg, here's a close up view.

The princess seam gives you an opportunity to sew shaping into the back of your pants and anyone with a flat butt will really appreciate this design and fitting feature.  Even ladies with larger hips in relation to thin legs, the princess line really helps to shape the back of the pant leg to your body contours.

Here's a video on how to add the princess seam to your pant leg: 
In case you're not able to see this video in your email software, here's the YouTube link

The instructions for drawing and sewing this style of pant is actually found in the designing book - Pants that Mix n Multiply.  It's Style #1.  I love this waistband treatment - it's just 1" wide non-roll elastic turned to the inside.  They have an invisible zipper and an inside button tab.  It's so comfortable to wear.  I designed a much skinnier leg style than what is shown in Pants that Mix n Multiply, but that's just a matter of narrowing the leg (and we have a free video showing how to do this.  Just go to to the Video Library - look in the Pants Videos for P.6.11 - How to Narrow the Pant Leg).

After narrowing the leg, I added short vents at the hem.  For any really skinny pants, they help to get the hem opening over your ankle.

Those of you ladies who are attending the upcoming September Fit & Sew Retreat will see me wearing these pants...oh what to wear on top?  When I bought this pants fabric, I chose a complimentary royal blue knit for a wrap crossover top.
So far, that's as far as I've gotten - draping it on the mannequin.  When I was going through my fabric stash (for something else), I came upon a soft yellow knit that I'd originally used for the Waterfall Jacket.  The soft yellow was just perfect to compliment the bright yellow in the pants.  And since I didn't have time to sew the blue top too, I chose to use a tried and true pattern - my Center Front Gathered Tank Top.

You'll find complete directions for this Tank Top on this Digital Fashion Leaflet.  And the directions for the Waterfall Jacket are on this Digital Fashion Leaflet.
And for those of you who might be reading this blog for the first time, all of our current Digital Fashion Leaflets are found on this page.

Try back leg princess seams in your pants for enhancing the fit under the butt...this really does work!

Happy Sewing!
Glenda the Good Stitch

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