Jun 10, 2012

Carolyn's SFD T-Shirts

I always get asked whether to use the Dress or Shirt Kit for sewing a T-Shirt.  It depends on whether you want a bust dart or not and how tight or loose you want the result to fit.  The dress kit bodice will offer a tighter fit as it has only 2 1/2" ease in the bust line, whereas the shirt is dartless (unless you've added one in for your fuller bust) and gives about 5" - 6" bust ease.  Of course, you'll likely want to size down at least one measurement dot (or more) depending on how stretchy the knit is.

Let's take a look at Carolyn's results.
This one is designed from the Dress Kit and the bust dart has been transferred to the neckline at CF.

Next you'll see a Shirt Kit variation with handmade ruching at the neckline.

And last but certainly not least is an example of a sleeveless tank top, designed from one of the Sure-Fit Designs Tank Top Leaflets.

Well done, Carolyn.  To read Carolyn's comments about fabric choice and the design details she chose, please go to Carolyn's Sewing Room.

Thanks so much for sharing!


  1. Thahk you for the explaining this, it helps make a better decision which kit to use~

  2. Oh, Carolyn!!! I do believe you are getting ahead of me. I did just finish some cute jeans, so I will post a pic today on my blog. Love to see what you are making. Don't tell Jerry you sew for your husband though, okay?
    Hugs, Joy