Jun 29, 2012

I Have SET-IN Sleeves!!

You would be so proud of me!!!!  It's a miracle!
Remember my sleeves were way too tight and you recommended that I do the "Large Upper Arm"  tune-up on page 16 of the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.
I studied how to sew a set-in sleeve and then studied the directions for the sleeve tune-up and then I altered my personal bodice blueprint and redrew the sleeve. 

Note to self:  Never, never ever draw on my personal blueprint, but instead trace a copy of it!!! 

I sewed up the bodice and set in the sleeve and I think I did a really good job, especially considering this is my first sleeve sewing experience.  I am very pleased with the results.  I did it!!!  Truly, truly awesome!
Now...my list is:
  • Perfect fit Bodice with sleeve (accomplished)
  • Perfect Sleeveless Bodice  (Almost had it but I altered the blueprint instead of tracing over, so I need to redo this)
  • Perfect Bodice with Kimono Sleeves........I really want to try Short Kimono/ Cap Sleeve on page 18.
  • Pivoting Darts....moving bust dart to add to waist dart....for Kimono sleeve and heading towards a peasant blouse
  • My skirt blueprint is all re-drawn I just have to sew it up
  • And I want to try a Sleeveless Sheath Dress
  • I am also working on my first over-shirt from the Shirt Kit and of course I have questions
CONGRATULATIONS!!!     I really want you to send a photo.  I want to see the sleeve.  I'm sure you did a marvelous job - and for first attempt - very well done!

Your comment about never, never drawing on your finished blueprint is really an excellent 'lesson' to share with everyone.  It's always best to trace a working copy of the blueprint and THEN make your changes. 

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