Jul 3, 2012

My SFD Dress Kit Bodice

Here is a photo of my Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit Bodice with the set-in sleeves.  The sleeves are a little twisty and when I relax my arms they still feel tight (that is why I cut a slit in the sleeve).  I was trying to see if I could make an adjustment on the top of the sleeve.

All in all I am pleased that I at least put in my first ever set-in sleeve, (Yeah!) but it was really, really difficult. And I think in general that sleeves stink.

I think the problem with sleeves is that they are made sideways to your body, but when you lift your arms above your head your arms point to the front of your body not the side.

Hmmmm arms and sleeves still need to be conquered.  Other than that, I'm pretty please with the fit of the bodice itself.


  1. Rebecca,
    The bodice looks pretty good. The sleeves look way long. Why don't you start with a short sleeve? It would be so much easier for practicing putting one in, and for the fit too because it wouldn't go below your elbow.
    Hugs, Joy

  2. I have recently stumbled across a very smart way to set in sleeves. It has a few extra steps, but makes it much easier. You can sew 3/4 of the sleeve in flat, leave a couple of inches unsewn at the underarm. Then once you get the sleeve cap sewn, you can set the underarm as you normally would. Here's a link to where I first saw it.

    Also, Twisty sleeves may be a grainline issue. Next time make sure your grainline is pretty much in line with your fabric grain, If not you may wind up with twisty sleeves.