Jul 23, 2012

Caring for my Designing Stylus


I have been using my Designing Stylus a lot and I have been drawing my patterns in pencil, so my Design Stylus is getting messy dirty from the pencil and my little finger prints.
How do I keep my Design Stylus clean?

And thank you for the video "GI.4 Designing Stylus - What it is and how to use it." from the Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center.

 Hi Becca,
What an excellent question!  First of all, if you have a nice, big, fat, soft eraser, you should be able to erase the pencil smudges.  And the Designing Stylus is totally washable.  Just use some warm soapy water and that also should clean it up fairly well.

But Shelby from Kentucky wrote in a while back with this 'pencil tip'.  I would like to add a tip about using a mechanical pencil to trace SFD blueprints. Using a .5mm or .7mm mechanical pencil with HD lead makes the lines very accurate and thin and HD doesn't smear easily. The lines don't change size as you use the lead like a regular pencil and you can buy replacement lead to keep handy. These pencils come in many colors, so I buy them in a pack and keep several handy because they tend to "walk" under things on the table and the bright colors make them easy to spot. They work really well with the "big, fat eraser."


  1. The eraser I like to use is a kneadable eraser. It erases without leaving "crumbs" behind. These can be found at office supply stores.

  2. Thanks for offering this information. I've never seen a kneadable eraser. I'll check it out next time I'm at the office supply store. It will save a LOT of vacuuming!

  3. Glenda, I have misplaced my Designing Stylus ... Is it possible to buy a replacement?
    Regards Reena

  4. Hi Reena, yes you can just go to my website and order one. Here's the link - http://sfdlearningcenter.com/Store-Designing-Stylus.html.
    Kindly - Glenda