Jun 13, 2012

Wearing Ease in the SFD patterns

What I have discovered is that the personal blueprint patterns drawn from Sure-Fit Designs don't have to be loose to fit. If your measurements are correct, your personal body blueprint pattern will fit with wearing ease automatically built in to the Sure-Fit Designs master patterns.

Generally, the mistakes I have made as a novice sewer is adding too much ease to my personal pattern, which of course was based on my experiences with store bought clothing and commercial paper patterns. It's difficult to get over the mind-set of making sure a pattern will fit "wide hips," "bulging tummy," or "big thighs."

You might want to see and hear what Glenda has to say about ease allowances and the Dress Kit patterns.


  1. I have made the body blue print but would like a little more ease in my blouses...maybe 1 1/2 " more...any suggestions on how to do this or where/what video I can find this in...I have looked but have not found the correct video yet...

  2. MG - Please see this article on sizing up your body blueprint - http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Sizing-Up-For-More-Wearing-Ease.html