Aug 21, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

Not too long ago, in fact it was in the May 31, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal, I saw this article called: Jean Mutation: How Red, Pink and Mustard Took Over.  It says ‘Bye, Bye, Blues…J Brand jump-started the color trend in Feb. 2011.  Since then, many denim brands have followed with bright, distinctive hues such as mustard, green and red.’  The article’s author, Christina Binkley says, ‘It’s hard to miss the season’s most prominent denim trend: blinding color!’

Here’s what they look like.
Now, let’s jump back to 1984!  Here I am in my SFD hot pink jeans with turquoise blouse trimmed in hot pink.  They were skinny, very trim fitting jeans designed from the SFD Pants Kit.  I may not be tall and skinny or wearing high platform shoes, but I loved them!
Though they wouldn’t fit me now, you can see why I say ‘Everything old is new again!’  If you wait long enough, the fashion cycle rolls back around and our old clothes become the newest fashion.

P.S. - Yes, my husband's shirt is from the SFD Shirt Kit.  My blouse is from the Dress Kit.


  1. I know just what you mean, Glenda! The night I met my husband(of nearly 40 years now), I was wearing burgundy coloured jeans, matching faux suede belt(with long thong fringes that tied at the waist),and a burgundy and cream 'body' shirt! I thought I was just 'It'.(He must have thought so too!!) ;-}

  2. Wow Glenda - they sure are bright! My son's girlfriend (18) arrived for dinner the other night in a teal pair of jeans with matching shoes and handbag. She looked gorgeous, but I did chuckle to myself thinking similarly to you - if you wait long enough it goes around, usually with a twist.

  3. The other item of clothing I saw in March while visiting my girl friend in Hawaii, was a woman's jumpsuit that was in an upper-end fashion store. Except for now it's called a 'Romper'. I couldn't believe my eyes! Believe it or not, the SFD Children's Kit shows how to combine the top and pants to make a romping jumpsuit. Now we just have to have a trap door for easy pit stop convenience.