Aug 28, 2012

Have You Fallen off the Waist/Crotch Grid on your SFD Pants Pattern?

If you have a thick waist and fairly short front crotch length, when you are drawing off your SFD Pants Front Pattern, your numbers may fall off the Waist/Crotch Grid that is provided on the Pants Master pattern.

The remedy is so logical (as are most solutions with SFD).  You simply extend the grid lines.  I've posted a short, but informative article on drawing the solution on Adapting & Drawing the Waist/Crotch GridThis article is found in the SFD Learning Center - Article Library.  There's also a couple of photos of a what one person's body looks like with this situation and required this solution.  You'll want to check out this article.

I hope you can see the photo of how easy this is to do. 

And as always, contact me if you need more assistance.


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