Aug 14, 2012

Finishing a Knit Top V-Neck

There are often many different ways to accomplish any task - like how best to finish off the raw edge of V-Neck T-shirt or top.  I'd like to share with you an easy technique that my friend Joy - from Joyful Expressions - uses very successfully.

Joy not only has written instructions, found here - Joyful Expressions - but she has also prepared a video tutorial on finishing the knit V-neck.  I encourage you to watch it.  You will notice that she is using her Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit bodice for her pattern.  (Joy has made so many SFD blouses and tops, that she has a body blueprint (personal sloper) for working with both wovens and knit fabrics.  Also, you'll likely notice that she has moved the side bust dart down into the lower side seam.)

During this tutorial, she shows you how to draw/trace a facing for the neckline.  In addition to her visual instructions, please realize that the written instructions for drawing a perfectly fitting facing are found on page 20 of the SFD Dress Kit Instruction Book.

This is a 2-Part Tutorial.  Here's Part 1.

Part 2
Thanks for sharing, Joy.



  1. I really like the idea of this method instead of using a binding. But I'm unsure if this method will "snug up" the neckline so that it doesn't gap, like using a smaller band for the neck binding does. Will this method still hug the body so it doesn't gap?

  2. Hi, You might also want to 'shorten' the 'V'. Please reference pg. 17 in the SFD Dress Kit Instruction Book for eliminating a gaping front neckline.


  3. Thanks for the intro to Joy, what a breezy happy lady. I love how she is so 'normal' in that she doesn't keep editing out little mishaps, just goes right in with it.