Jan 15, 2013

Here's the Horizontal 'Fish Eye' dart for the Flat Backside

Last week, I showed you Joy and Phylly's great video on drawing the Princess Line pants using their Sure-Fit Designs pants pattern.  You'll remember that Phylly commented about how great that CB leg seam is for shaping the fabric to a flat backside.  In essence, within that seam you are incorporating a vertical 'fish eye' dart.

Another option to think about is folding out a horizontal 'fish eye' dart in the pattern, which can also help to remove the back-seat 'baggies'.  So here's one of my latest videos on drawing this minor tune-up.

The back-seat baggies seem to be an issue on the aging female body though it can definitely happen with younger women as well.

If you do make this refinement to your pattern, make sure you test, test, test!  Well...one test will likely be enough, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of testing when you make a pattern modification like this.

And I know many of you groan at the thought of having a CB seam in the back of your pants leg, but if it improves the fit no one, or very few, will ever notice it.  In fact, you'll get compliments on how well your pants are fitting.


  1. Look, Glenda, sometimes you have to start trends. So when you see a woman without a CB pant leg seam. You say, "Nice pants, oh, no CB pant leg seam, hmmm." Pretty soon everyone will want one! :)

  2. What a positive attitude...thanks for sharing!