Jan 29, 2013

Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along & Customer Comments

Just in case you haven't visited PatternReview in a while, there's a group of women who are starting a Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along.  If you're interested in participating here's the link - http://sewing.patternreview.com/SewingDiscussions/topic/75069

It should be fun and motivating for you to get together with others around the world as you discuss and work through your SFD sewing projects.

When you're done, make sure to take photos and send to - info@surefitdesigns.com

Now is a good time to share with you a lovely letter I received a couple of days ago.  I sincerely appreciate receiving your comments.

Dear Glenda,

I cannot thank you enough; you've opened up a new, exciting, fun world of sewing for me.  I've been designing & sewing in every spare moment I have over the last month; every project is filled with learning and I'm really loving the design process. Especially discovering how the same sort of design works with different fabrics and how the looks change.

It was a bit intimidating taking the SFD path initially - I would have described myself as an enthusiastic but basic home sewer, with next to no fitting experience and certainly no design experience at all. As a "mature" woman my body has changed from it's easy to fit youthful proportions and standard patterns just didn't work for me so I gave up sewing for over 20 years.   I'm ecstatic I took the plunge into SFD, because the SFD system is easy to use, the results are rewarding, and the creativity from the system is endless. Much much better than simply buying a standard pattern & (for me inevitably) being disappointed. Your internet resources are exhaustive, and the customer gallery/blogs are very inspiring.

Now that I've started sewing again & my confidence is building, I'm really realizing there are no sewing mistakes, only sewing learnings. I love my 'unpicker' now, and understand that fit will probably change a little with every garment so I just enjoy the process involved to get the design the way I want it.

The SFD pattern system is awesome; easy to follow, and inspiring to use. It's so easy to create design after design without having to troll through pattern books & pay for patterns that may or may not work. The fit is always great, and every project gets better & better.

You are probably overwhelmed by positive emails & pictures from home dressmakers much more accomplished than I am. And since you've said you're looking forward to pictures, I'll send you a few via separate emails.

What a great system!
Sigrid, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

PS - You can see Sigrid's been quite busy sewing up an SFD 'storm'.


  1. Hello Glenda, It is great to see a Queenslander featured on your blog.

    After a medically enforced hiatus from sewing for the past 2 months, I am slowing re-acquainting myself with my 1st muslin and reviewing it with your initial comments onboard. Hopefully will have a 2nd and much better fitting version for you to see soon.

    Thanks for the link to Patternreview, I will certainly have a look.

    Kind regards,
    Barb Mc

  2. Hi Barb, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and now able to get back to your sewing projects. Take care...Glenda

  3. Hi Glenda,

    Thanks for the info on the sew along. Sounds like fun. I have been busy making pants, they came out great, maybe a little big, will be easy to take in a little. Now I am working on my first trial shirt. another Barb

  4. Barb, you know I'd love to see your pants. Big is easy to nip in. Perhaps you were a little generous in your measuring. Good going.... Glenda

  5. Wow, Sigrid!! I'm very impressed with your sewing. The extra treatment you've given the backs of your top and dress look great, and those checked pants...fantastic!
    I'm hoping to get back to my pants trials soon(have a baby gift to make first).

  6. AWESOME plaid pants! The match is perfect and the fit in the back is amazing! Can't beat SFD for great fit.
    Hugs, Joy

  7. Joy & Aless, thanks for your kind words. And of course Glenda for caring so much. Now that I can sew again, I'm trying to find my style - whatever that is! Joy, I love your blog; yours & Carolyn's really got me over my fear of starting on my SFD / sewing adventure! Thanks

  8. Sigrid, you deserve the compliments...you've done an excellent job of all your garments.

  9. So beautiful... and so you! Unique. Love it! :0)