Feb 5, 2013

Sloped Shoulder Minor Tune-Up/Alteration

This is Part 2 of the short Shoulder Line video series and it offers you information on how to draw a sloping shoulder alteration on your bodice pattern.  Whether it be with the Sure-Fit Designs Dress or Shirt pattern, or with any other bodice pattern for that matter, this refinement is very easy to do.  In this video I show you a quick way to identify if you have a sloping shoulder and if you do, how to determine how much to change the shoulder slope.

If this is one of your body-fitting-issues, I know you'll appreciate this video.

Feel free to share this video on your personal blog or Facebook page.  Thanks for spreading the word about the Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing system.  Kindly, Glenda


  1. Another great video! Thanks Glenda. Sloping shoulders is definitely one of my issues. I have been very quiet lately in regards to sewing. Lots going on, including a new job. However, I just drafted a cardigan with the shirt kit and am making it out of a beautiful Missoni knit. I'll post it on my blog and send you the link.

  2. Carolyn, I've thought about you lately and know you have been around in any of the forums. I'm sure with a new job, you have been extremely busy. I'll look forward to seeing your new cardigan.