Feb 26, 2013

Forward Thrusting Shoulder Line & Shoulder Bone Minor Tune-Up

This is Part 3 of the video series on adjusting or altering the slope and position of the shoulder line on your bodice pattern.  The information in this video is applicable to any bodice pattern.

Here you are going to see 2 different scenarios.  In the first situation or variation, your shoulder seam line always tends to pull toward the back.  As it does, the front neckline rides up and often times you feel like you're being choked.  This is because your natural shoulder line on your body is riding forward.  Which means that the shoulder line on the bodice back needs to become longer to go this distance over the top of your shoulder towards the front.  And the front shoulder seam line needs to get shorter or have less height to it.

In variation #2, only your shoulder bone is rocked or thrust forward not your entire shoulder line.  This means that only the shoulder point on the pattern is moved forward and the neck point is left as is.

If either of these shoulder situations are ones that you experience, then this video is for you.

And if you find this video of benefit, please share it on your blog or Facebook page.  I'm always appreciative when you share the Sure-Fit Designs videos.  Kindly, Glenda

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