Jan 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution? Sewing Clothes that Fit during Weight Loss

I know the holiday season can play havoc with our diets.  There's just too many tempting tasties and before you know it, you've gained a little unwanted weight.  Now it's time to change your eating habits, but in the meantime, you need something to wear that fits, is comfortable and that will be easily adjusted as you loose weight.

I've been asked frequently from those who are loosing weight for suggestions as to the best style of garments to sew during this process.  If this situation is something you're dealing with, you may be interested in watching this video.  You'll find helpful recommendations when sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing system.

I know you'll just love these Easy Wrap Pants!  Instructions are found on Leaflet #8 - just Click Here!

(Feel free to share this video on your personal blog or Facebook page.  Thanks for spreading the word about Sure-Fit Designs.  Happy New Year! Glenda)

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