Mar 26, 2013

Fitting Commercial Patterns - General Guideline Video

Last week I offered information on helping you to work with and fit your commercial patterns.  So, going on with this major topic, the next 4 videos are a 'mini-series' that will help to shed some light on this process.  This video gives you a visual explanation of the general steps to consider.

PS - Don't you just wish you could choose the video capture that is displayed for the video.  You Tube gives us three images to choose from and sometimes none of them are that great.  But oh well, the service is free (so far), so we can't complain too much.


  1. Good afternoon Glenda,

    Thank you for another great video. Isn't technology a marvellous thing to move knowledge from one side of the world to another. I have completed my initial muslin and am tweaking the shoulders/sleeve cap area. I have also made a muslin for a l/s t shirt using the bust dart and the fit is very satisfying! When I have done one in real time fabric I will send you a photo.

    Meantime, best wishes from Barb Mc in Australia

  2. I too am awed by technology. The capability we have through the Internet is truly amazing...and I love learning the software that makes it all happen (though I am still a neophyte).
    I'm glad to hear your SFD is fitting you so well. I look forward to seeing your photos.