Jun 4, 2013

Furry Problem with the Dress Kit??

When drawing up a new bodice pattern from her Dress Kit, Virginia (from Australia) encountered an unexpected problem.  Her new cat 'Storm' simply loved the whole process!

She said, 'He loves your voice on the DVD, the crinkle of the tracing vellum and chasing pencils and rulers across my pattern!  I had to lock him out of the room!'

Virginia just sent this to me and when I first read the subject line, I wondered if some little critter had nested in the package during transit to Australia.  But how could that be possible??  (I've learned over the years that many things happen quite unexpectedly that you'd never dream possible, so my mind was racing).

She asked me if I'd ever com across this problem with our kits before??  And though I haven't, I'm sure many of you might have similar stories to tell.  Actually, as I think about it, I have had customers tell me that 'Snookle Puss' ate the patterns and chewed the Stylus!

If you have similar stories or photos to share please do.

I hope this brings a smile to your day!



  1. No question, cats LOVE all aspects of sewing!

  2. My kitties aren't allowed anywhere near my sewing stuff. I'm afraid they will eat a pin or cut off a paw on a rotary blade!
    Hugs, Joy