Jun 22, 2013

Jan's Jeans

Was Jan ever fast!  When I first announced the new Jeans DVD - barely 2 weeks ago, Jan (from the UK) ordered immediately.  Delivery to the UK must have been extraordinarily fast because just yesterday Jan sent me photos, not only of her test jeans, but also of her finished jeans.  She is one happy camper!

These tie dye jeans are the initial 'test'.

 Jan says that the tie dye jeans were meant to be a cheap test garment - only
£2 a metre (about $3) from the local market so the pockets aren't top stitched and she didn't do a yoke at the back - which is exactly what I suggest you do for the test.

 From the test pair, Jan sewed the striped jeans.  She says 'I did improve the fit on the striped pair and I am so pleased with them.  The pockets were made with a sheet I bought from a local charity shop, again with the intention of using it as a muslin test...but it works!!!'

Here's a close-up of both the back and front pocket detail.

Jan, you have done a wonderful job and so quickly.  You are an inspiration!

And on another note...when Jan first got her 3-Kit Combo, she was inspired by some of the ideas presented in the Sure-Fit Designs instruction books and came up with this lovely blouse.  She'd bought 10 lovely buttons for a basic shirt.  But as the ideas swirled in her mind, she ended up using most of the buttons on the cuffs of the bishop style sleeve and so had to rethink the front and had a go at the hidden placket (from Sew Sensational Shirts).  Jan says it worked extremely well and surprisingly easy considering she is a beginner.  Jan shared her age with me (which I won't post), but adds that you're never too old to start learning a new skill.  She is enjoying this whole process immensely and wishes she'd begun long ago.

It's hard to believe Jan considers herself a beginner.  She's done a great job of this hidden placket.

Thanks so much for sharing your accomplishments Jan! 

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  1. Congratulations to Jan on making jeans that fit and flatter. Her workmanship is outstanding! And that blue blouse -- it's just so lovely. Jan (if you see this), I hope you enjoy wearing your new jeans and shirts, and I hope you make many more!