Jun 18, 2013

The Bobbsey Twins in Lace

I'm sure many of you know that Joy (from Joyful Expressions) loves using her Sure-Fit Designs patterns and that she's sewn a 'million' tops from the SFD Dress Kit Bodice pattern.

When Joy read my blog 'Sheer Experience Revisited', she commented how much she liked the sheer lace fabric I used.  For those of you who missed this blog, just click here - 'Sheer Experience Revisited'

And, if you don't want to go back and read it...I next to never wear lace or sheer fabrics. But my girl friend had sent me miles of this fabric after she'd finished making a couple of tank tops and I decided it would look great with the new black slinky outfit I was sewing.  Since I had lots left over, and Joy commented that she'd love some, I shared the remainder with her.  Here we are, the Bobsy twins (well...not quite), in our matching Comfy Cardigans from Beyond Bodice Basics.

Joy doesn't like her tops too long, so obviously she designed a much shorter version.

In addition to this photo, Joy loves making videos, so the following 3 videos recount her experiences of drawing up the pattern, dealing with the extremely bouncy, stretchy selvage (PS - I cut mine off too to get the fabric to lay flat - I'd also never seen anything quite like it!), and her final show and tell.   In the third video, she talks about sewing the back neck seam and some of the issues she had.  I think we were going about making that seam happen in two different approaches.  If you have a Beyond Bodice Basics designing book - this is on page 22 - step 7.  The process to do this type of enclosing seam works well, and Joy is right that you have to roll much of the body all up like a sausage, stuff it inside, sew the seam and then pull the stuffing out.  Maybe I should do a video on this step.  It's easier to see it done than it is to write the directions.

Lace Cardigan Video #1
Lace Cardigan Video #2
Lace Cardigan Video #3

Joy, I'm glad you're having so much fun and success using your Sure-Fit Designs patterns.  Thanks for being such an avid supporter!

PS - The Bobbsey twins were actually brother and sister. But oh well, I'm sure not many of you would know that unless I told you.  Aren't they cute?


  1. I think both tops look great! Yes, I remember the Bobsey Twins, Glenda. However, I grew up more with Sally, Dick, and Jane, if you can remember them. I have been busy making new summer dresses with my Dress kit. Hopefully, I'll get around to posting one of these days. Thanks for always inspiring us Glenda.

  2. Yes of course I remember Dick and Jane...but Sally? - the memory is faded.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new summer dresses. You always do such a lovely job of them. Make sure you post them on your own blog or in SG or send them to me too.