Apr 28, 2015

Our Trip

I should really have titled this - SLC-ASG (Salt Lake City - American Sewing Guild) Presentation, Moab & Leggings...all wrapped into 10 short days.

Some of you know that we were gone on a road trip and waited very patiently for my return so that I could answer your questions.  Thank you.

For all of you, I thought you might like to see some photo highlights of this trip. We started off with a fabulous tour of the BYU Broadcasting Bldg, which had latest of latest video technology and equipment.  Of course our videographer (and my husband, Wes) was blown away.  And on Sunday, we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being present for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...something I've wanted to do forever.  What magnificent voices!

Saturday I gave a Sure-Fit Designs presentation to the Salt Lake City Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  Photos follow.  Sorry that Wes didn't get more, but the facility was too dark to really photograph effectively.

They had a great turn out and fun was had by all.

Then, the lady who organized this function, offered us their condo in Moab, UT - an offer we couldn't pass up.  On Moab's doorstep are 2 uniquely different National Parks: Canyonlands and Arches.  The terrain is so different from where we live in Oregon - absolutely stunning and beautiful.  I know this is different from my usual blog...and I don't want to bore you...but here are some photo highlights:
 Cactus just coming into bloom.  The color of red was especially stunning.

 Famous view of the Colorado River - 2,000 ft below the mesa we are standing on.

Blue sky but chilly!
 The La Sal mountains frame the background.

 Canyons forged by weather - 2 to 3,000 ft below.

 Pushing the boulder off the steps!!

 Fiery Furnace viewpoint.  These rock formations come alive with the evening sunset.

 Wes climbed up to this magnificent arch.

 Spectacular scenery and rock formations.  This is why they call it Arches National Park.

 Balanced Rock - a much photographed sight.

I'll end this part of the tour with another awesome flower - simply perfect and growing quite contentedly out of the crack in the rock.

And while watching the rock climbers of all ages (we'd never seen this before...these folks are braver than we are),
we saw these 3 brothers in their colorful leggings. 

They're right in fashion!  The more colorful and bold the fabric pattern the better.  By the way, their wives sewed their leggings.  Now if our fabric stores would just catch up with the ready-to-wear trend, we can sew our own.  
(PS the ladies Leggings Fashion Leaflet is downloadable and can be found by Clicking Here.)
 This is the middle brother on his way up the sheer rock face.  More power to him!  Looks like 'Spider Man' to me.

I hope you've enjoyed this short photo journey.  We definitely enjoyed our trip, sharing Sure-Fit Designs with the SLC chapter of ASG, and our few days of R&R at the end, which we both needed.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!


  1. these pictures are not boring at all. They are beautiful. Wonderful and especially the men in the brightly colored climbing leggings. Great. i'm glad they put them on.. No way would I be doing that either. I'll stay on solid ground. i hope all the woman know what a treat it must have been to have you there. Glad you are back and thank you for helping us get a Sure-fit.

  2. I am so glad that you shared your beautiful photo's. This is the only way we (who live to far) get to appreciate all the lovely things. To me the river looks a little empty, America is in drought, I am not sure if it is the same area. Hope you had a good well deserved rest. Glad you are also home safe and sound!

    1. Some areas of the US are definitely in a drought. We had one of the driest winters on record here in Oregon and California is under severe water rationing in many areas. The Colorado River may be low, but I have no basis for comparison, since this was the first time I'd seen it. When we were on the same level as the river, it didn't look low, but in that photo, it appeared low because we were so far above it. In all, it was a great trip and adventure for us both.

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip highlights - looks like it was a wonderful time! Visiting that area is high on my bucket list. :)