Apr 21, 2015

You Look Fab

Every now and again, I like to recommend good blogs to you - particularly on different topics that I typically don't discuss.  You Look Fab is one of those blogs.

Even though I have my own ideas of what looks good/best on various figure shapes, I'd rather leave this topic up to experts who specialize in this topics.  You Look Fab helps you to identify what figure shape you are.  There's lots of information if you simply click here.  Here you'll find extensive discussion on the Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass, and Inverted Triangle body shapes among other great topics to help you choose the best style for your body shape.

And then you'll find great clothing combinations to get you started on coordinating what's best for you.  Here are some examples from You Look Fab:

Remember - half the battle of looking good in your clothes is wearing garments that fit.  That's why we love SFD!  The other half, of course, is choosing styles best suited to your body shape.

Have fun browsing around the You Look Fab blog.

Glenda ...the Good Stitch!

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