Dec 1, 2015

Triple Espresso or Decaf? Basic Blouse Designing 101

Everybody always asks how to design/draw a simple, straightforward blouse once their bodice muslin has been refined - much like the blouses that Joy from JoyFul Expressions wears.
It's time for Basic Blouse Designing 101!
You can choose the Triple Espresso Fast Forward video version - only 1 minute long (I promise)
View the slower Decaf/Tea video version - about 15 minutes long.
Have fun either way and see how easy this process really is.
Of course the blouse is designed from you SFD Dress Kit bodice.

The triple espresso version...Basic Blouse Designing 101 at lightspeed -

Or the longer decaf/tea version -

The result...

Drawing and designing a basic blouse really is this easy and simple. When your test muslin has been refined to your special body shape, the next step is moving on to real clothing.

I know you'll have fun doing this.
Comments & feedback welcome.  Would you like more short, fast designing videos?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thanks, Glenda. Really helps to see the process. I always learn a little something new. I would love to see more designing videos.

    1. Thanks Nadine, I'm glad to hear our videos are helpful and that you benefit from them. Did you like the 'light speed' version? We plan on doing another design topic within the next few days. Keep an eye out.
      Happy Holidays

  2. Yes, the quick speed is great. :) I'm trying to come up with an elegant but simple design for a dress for the holidays.

    1. The design I'll be doing this weekend is the LBD (Little Black Dress) in it's simplest form. There are so many variations on this, but for this video I'm going to keep it simple, simple, simple.

  3. Loved the speedy video. What a great idea.