May 11, 2012

Flattering French Darts

Joy shares with us another Dress Kit blouse variation.  She's designed a scooped neckline, 3/4 sleeves with a turned up hem.  She comments, 'I really like this style.  I made it twice.  The darts have been moved to French darts down into the slower side seam.  Any time there are darts, you know it is from the Sure-Fit Dress Kit.'

This is a perfect time to share with you a recent video on Perfecting the Cutting Line for a Dart once you've moved/transferred it to a new location.


  1. Thank you for addressing the French Dart, I appreciate this b/c I think it to be such a subtle feminine dart that adds nice shape to a woman's figure~ I am reading all I can about rotating darts ,these are great tricks to have under your belt~ I cannot wait until the rest of my Sure Fit Kit arrives this week, I had pants and now have added the dress kit, the shirt kit and the new bodice kit that goes w/ it! First thing I will do after fitting pants(was not able to do this so fast, family funeral etc) is to make THE best fitting blouse pattern I can both in the dress kit size and the shirt kit size as I wear blouses ALL the time , never was a T shirt person but you never know! I have a question, do you ladies tend to wean out your pattern stash or do you hang onto them all( I have many years worth) in hopes of using them later for details you like? Once I establish myself w/ fit, I know I will only keep a few things but wanted to know what others did,, I do have boxes of commercial patterns and want to develop TNT's and clean the sewing room a bit ( more room for fabric~ Joy I LOVE your shirt, it looks great on you! Blessings to all,,,,PAB

  2. Keep your stash of old commercial patterns. You just never know when a design detail from one of them will catch your eye. And it's generally easy to use that specific pattern piece directly on your SFD patterns.