May 8, 2012

My Test of the Dress Kit Bodice

When I put my bodice test muslin on, I noticed there was a vertical sagging fold from the side of my bust to my armhole and a little too much fabric sitting on my chest above my bust. I proposed to fix these issues by dropping the shoulder seam 1/4"  and taking in the side seam by about an 1". But when I communicated this to Glenda, she commented that it sounded like I need to step down 1 or 2 dots (measurements) in my personal pattern.  This was very helpful because when I measured the change in the shoulder seam it would take me down from a 49" dot to a 48" dot, which would account for the vertical fold of excess fabric.  And when I measured my change on the side seam it would take me from my mistaken 50" dot to a 47" dot.

What I like about this is that I didn't have to just make an alteration on a garment that I sewed from a traditional pattern, but I am easily able to perfect my personal blueprint pattern by accurately drawing my tune-up right on my pattern and simply erase my mistakes.

What I love about this is that......yes once again I made a silly marking mistake due to measuring myself with too large of a measurement and the Sure-Fit Design system always holds up as the true fit.  Whatever you measure is what it gives you.  Lesson learned - be pretty darn careful in your measuring!

Thank you Glenda for your patience...a real friend is one who when you've made a silly error, doesn't make you feel like it's permanent.

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