Apr 26, 2012

Diagonal Waist - Reflections

Glenda, I think that your post, Diagonal Waist, Clothing Considerations, is very important to me.  At first I was discouraged by having to confront the uniqueness of my body, and even had flashes of myself dressed in a big old bag for the rest of my life.  But after sleeping on your email, I have awoken renewed and amazingly inspired.

This is what you, Glenda Sparling and Sure-Fit Designs, means to me-----SELF CONFIDENCE.
So here is my wish list on how I want to dress and what I want out of Sure-Fit Designs:

I want to be able to tuck my bodice into my pants and skirts and then wear an overshirt that flows evenly down slightly past my high hip.  I think that this is one of my best favorite looks. For this I need a bodice that is fitted and feminine and falls just a little below my slanted waist.  The overshirt needs to perfectly fit my smaller, shorter chest and then ease in a triangle over my pear-shaped upper high hip. And my pants need to have a perfectly fitted rise that slopes. Also this same look would work with both a skirt and pants.

Then I would like a second set of bodices that perfectly fit at the top chest and bust but ease down to slightly past my high hip.  These would be tops, jackets and overshirts that I could wear over my pants and skirts.
Then I really would love a dress that is form fitting that I could wear a nice overshirt or jacket with.  And I would also like a dress that would be a stand alone by itself dress but is flattering to my unique body.

So there you have it.  A very very very tall order.  But I believe that I can do this with Sure-Fit Designs.  I have already learned so much from you and I look forward to growing in yardage and self-confidance.
My clothing goals:
Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit
  •    INSIDE BODICE -- One perfectly fitted bodice that matches my body and perfectly matches my sloping waist.
  •     OUTSIDE BODICE -- One perfectly fitted bodice that matches my body but the length of the bodice flows to just below my high hip.
  •     INSIDE DRESS --  One perfectly form fitted dress that exactly hugs every unique hill and valley of my body
  •     OUTSIDE DRESS --  One perfectly fitted dress that flows over my hills yet flatters my body.
  •     INSIDE SKIRT -- One perfectly fitted shirt that mixes and matches both my inside and outside bodice.
Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit
  •     OVERSHIRT -- To wear over my inside and outside bodice with two lengths one at high hip and one below low hip
  •     JACKETS -- The same as for Overshirt
Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit
  • PANTS --  One perfectly fitted pant that matches my sloping waist in a variety of lengths
  • And I would really like to try those wrap pants I saw in the Fashion Leaflets.


  1. Where would I find the article on diagonal waist fitting considerations?? Is this in one of the kits?
    thank you~

  2. The information on identifying and measuring for your waist - diagonal or not - is actually on a video. This is found in the new SFD Learning Center - www.sfdlearningcenter.com. Just go to the Video Library and click on this video - D.5.1 Where's My Waist? Kindly, Glenda