Apr 5, 2012

Sheila Shines!

I'm sharing this with you...another Sure-Fit Designs customer who is extremely happy with the fit of her SFD Dress body blueprint.  Sheila's initial fit wasn't straight out-of-the-box perfect because she has a very narrow upper chest in relation to quite a full bust.  Thank goodness for the SFD Adjust-A-Bust template - she no longer has any FBA required on any more patterns.  Her efforts have well paid off since now her Dress blueprint provides an excellent fit and is a springboard to many flattering designs that will fit her body exclusively.  Here you are seeing her final body blueprint and her first fashion dress.  Very well done - Sheila!
Sheila's finished muslin test

Sheila's first fashion dress

Sheila comments:
Dear Glenda,
You have worked so diligently with me on this.  First I had some incorrect measurements. We learned that my upper chest is quite narrow, and I think that I am short-waisted!  But what a lovely garment I have now thanks to Sure-Fit Designs!  It is quite exciting to think that now I can make any bodice and won't have folds in front of my armhole!  I can't wait to get to the Shirt Kit that I also have.  My husband has already asked if I will be able to make shirts for him.  Wish that I had found you earlier but thankful that I found Sure-Fit Design at all.  It is a wonderful product. 

Thank you


  1. Hooray, Sheila!!! I'm so happy for you. I think most of us with large busts have a narrow upper chest. My friend Phylly and I sure do. I love SFD. I keep trying other patterns -- because of the style options -- but I sure struggle with them. I'm using SFD to FIX the "other" company's pattern that I made yesterday. I know Glenda can change SFD into any style in the world, but I'm not at all confident doing that yet.
    Hugs, Joy

  2. Wow! What an impressive fit and wonderful finished dress. I am very very impressed. Your dress fits so well and looks so good on you.

  3. You look beautiful in your dress, Sheila! The fit is astounding and very flattering to your figure. You've inspired me to consider making a dress for work. I am now a full-figured woman and have avoided dresses because of my apple shaped body. I especially like the waist area design of your dress. You should be very proud of your workmanship - excellent job!