Apr 12, 2012

Announcing the NEW Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center

You've all been waiting for this new Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center.  Whew!  It's finally completed...at least to this stage.

As you browse through the Video Library, you'll notice how much easier it is to find what you're looking for.  All the videos have been numbered, labeled and categorized for your easy reference and access.  Search this Video Library for videos relevant to your special fitting needs or sewing project.

Additionally, the Article Library also offers information that has been catalogued for easy access.

(Both Libraries will grow as my time permits.)

You'll also find a new edition of the Sure-Fit Designs Store.  Just go to Store if you're needing supplies - no need to jump back to the original Sure-Fit Designs site.  The original site will always be available with its wealth of information.  In this new Store, you'll be able to have instant access to Fashion Leaflets and the newest books - Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply and Beyond Bodice Basics.  If the item lends itself to an easy download, you'll be able to purchase then receive immediate download information.

As your time permits, make sure you check out all the other departments.

Feel free to leave your comments.


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