Apr 16, 2012

Help - What to do with a Diagonal Waist?

I have been reading from the Dress Kit Instruction Book about taking measurements...I read on page 4... "tie a string around your natural waist".

My body has a very defined waist line but it is sharply diagonal when viewed from the side.  From the small of my back to the center of my front (passing exactly over my belly button) my waistline is several inches higher in the back than my waistline in the front.

I have tied a string around my waist and when I  pull the string up so it lines up evenly straight across and I measure from the center of my shoulder down to the tied string the measurement is 19 1/4 inches. And when I lower the string to fall into my sharply sloping waistline and I measure from the center of my shoulder down to the tied string, the measurement is 23 inches.

This doesn't affect my bodice pattern because the apex level is figured from the center of the shoulder to my bust point. But on my skirt and eventually my pants this waistline slope will have a big effect.  If I hang my skirt around my slanting waist line, my skirt hem rides 4 inches lower in the front.  And if I hike the skirt up in the front, which feels really weird, I have a 4 inch high-rise waist.  This is also the case with all my pants.

So my question is...in the Sure-Fit Designs system which is my waist line?  Straight around from the small of my back, or sharply slanting diagonally forward?

I see the tune-up on page 16...#11 Large Abdomen, but is this me?  I don't have stress wrinkles and the front is not pulling up.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you asked this question. I have a very similar problem in that I have a distinct, sloping waist line, higher in the back slanting down in the front. I'm eagerly awaiting someone to have an answer.

  2. Hi Debby, Please watch this video - 'Where's My Waist?' Go to; http://sfdlearningcenter.com/Pants-Videos-General_Info_Measuring.html and look at P.2.1 - 'Where's My Waist? - a general discussion.'