Jun 6, 2017

Canadian Distributor for Sure-Fit Designs

We are so excited to announce that we now have a Sure-Fit Designs Canadian distributor.
In this short video, you'll meet Anna as I introduce her. -

(You may need to open this blog in a browser to watch as I introduce Anna)

Meet Anna Espindola
She is headquartered in Calgary AB and will be shipping all Canadian orders from there.  This is obviously a huge benefit for you.
  • You'll have considerably lower shipping/postage fees!
  • You'll have much quicker delivery time!  Your orders will most likely arrive within 2-3 days (not the 10-20 day delivery time from the USA).
  • Individual customs fees will be eliminated!
  • You'll be purchasing in CND dollars and not have to worry about currency conversion and the exchange rate!
  • It's definitely a Win-Win situation for everyone!

Anna will be offering the following:

  • The full range of Sure-Fit Designs fitting/sewing kits, designing tools, tracing vellum, designing books and fashion leaflets.
  • Sure-Fit Designs presentations and seminars.
  • Representation in Canadian Sewing Shows like the Creative Festival.
  • Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreats in Calgary.

Do you want a Sure-Fit Designs presentation event for your sewing group?  Just connect with Anna!
You can reach Anna at:
Website: www.surefitdesigns.ca
Email: anna@surefitdesigns.ca
Phone: 403-701-0801

Please give Anna a big, warm welcome - send her a quick 'hello' email.

For all our Canadian Customers...fit & sew to your hearts content!
Glenda...the Good Stitch


  1. Welcome Anna. Wish you were in Australia. We don't have a rep yet here :-( xxxx

  2. Thanks CB - we wish we had one in Australia too. So far, no one has 'stepped up to the plate.' Hopefully someone with the right qualifications and desire will soon.