Jan 16, 2012

First Enterprise

First, I have to pick a project to sew as my first test. Then I need to practice and experiment with my machine and do some test runs. My crisis is that the fabric that I chose will probably be ruined so I have laid out my stash to see which piece would be my "test victim".  To my surprise and dismay I find that I have become attached to most of the fabrics and I didn't want them to be tested mistakes.

Why can't I just sew and sew perfectly each of my pieces then we would all live happily ever after.

Finally, unhappily, I chose a scrap piece of fabric that I had bought at the thrift store. I liked the piece because of the color but I didn't like the pattern, so it has become my test piece and I have named her "Enterprise".
I have settled in, all ready to sew but the bobbin is empty, no thread (oh no)!  So with the manual out, I now have a threaded bobbin after one failed attempt (I had the thread turned upside down and it choked and broke the thread).

Now I have threaded the machine...not so hard after you've done it once. And now I have run stitches all over the Enterprise. She has been straight stitched, zig-zagged, and basted all over. Now...to choose my first project.

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