Jan 30, 2012

Joy's Joyful Yoga Pants

Some of you may remember that back in June 2011, Sure-Fit Designs™ released the first in a series of new designing books.  This particular book featured designing with the SFD (Sure-Fit Designs™) Pants Kit and was called - Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.  One of the new designs featured in that book was how to design draw yoga pants from your Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit.  From my point of view, these are truly the most comfortable pants you could ever own and wear either in a Yoga or Pilates class, but also just around. 
Downward What??

Here I am in my fleecy yoga pants.  I wear them for all my gym classes, and I do Pilates once a week and these are soooo... comfortable!

Joy's Comfy Yoga Pants
Enter Joy...one of my new friends and sewing enthusiast.  A few months prior to writing this pants designing book (Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply), Joy bought most of the Sure-Fit Designs fitting/sewing kits.  She was a newbie to using SFD, but found that this fitting system really helped to solve her fitting issues (as we all have).  Joy has since become my book editor as she is a perfectionist and extremely detail oriented (and picky)...I love you Joy!  She, as the editor, sees things I'd likely never see as the author.  I'm way too close to the project.  She tells it like it is from typos and construction errors to sewing directions (if I haven't been clear enough in telling you how to do something).

But back to the Yoga pants.  Joy has recently begun her own blog.  She writes about her sewing adventures and mis-adventures, as well as other events that happen in her daily life.  She has recently written a blog about her SFD yoga pants.  Just click here - Joyful Expressions - to see all of her yoga pant pics as well as read of her other adventures.  Thanks for sharing, Joy!

Snazzy, perfectly fitting pockets!


  1. Love you too Glenda! My goodness, do you even weigh a hundred pounds!?
    I have been working with two employees all morning trying to get them to see one typo in something they typed for me. I circled it, pointed to it, and they still didn't see it. Sometimes, it just "isn't there" because you are too close to it.
    I do love those yoga pants. Want to make some more soon if I ever get back home from Christmas! My Ponteroma Knit is there.
    Hugs, Joy

  2. I have 2 more pairs I want to sew...guess that will happen when I'm not sleeping!

  3. I have a question about Pants That Mix & Multiply. Does this book come with the pattern inside it, or is that a separate expense. I've never ever made a pair of pants that fit and had actually given up trying. However, I'm willing to give it another shot!

    1. Kay I cannot recommend SFD enough. (I am not paid by SFD - just a happy customer) My biggest sewing problem has always been pants. With SFD you first take a set of measurements, then draw a 'blueprint' which you make up as a muslin. From that point of view it does take a little time, but it is really worth it. I am not very good (yet) at pattern design so I have been mostly using a commercial pattern and have followed Glenda's instructions on how to adjust this using my blueprint. I now have two personalised pants patterns based on this method and I am VERY happy with the fit. I was quite surprised in the differences between the shape of the commercial pattern and my pattern. I didn't think it could be right, but it is. View the DVD's online so that you have a much better idea of what is required. Good Luck! Una in Oz

  4. Hi Kay,
    Pants that Mix n Multiply does not have its own pattern. This book/DVD combo is intended to augment and give more styles to designs with the SFD Pants Kit. The Pants Kit can be found on this page - http://www.surefitdesigns.com/Pants-Kit.html. You might want to take a few minutes to go and check it out. Many women, who are now using SFD for fitting, also made the same comment as you - nothing ever fit so they gave up. Now with the SFD Pants Kit, they actually are thrilled with the results. There's many comments on the website (www.surefitdesigns.com) and here under 'Rave Reviews' that express their results.

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