Jan 24, 2012

I Need One Perfectly Fitting Pattern

Today I am standing in a pile of discarded scrap fabric, I have cut and sewn my Laura Ashley Zhivago Peasant shirt at least four times and I have sewed my Butterick Connie Crawford bodice shirt at least seven times. I can't get the size right. I can't get the fit right.

And don't even get me started on the sleeves. I just want to cry.

But I am also feeling more stubborn...like I can get this, I just have to figure it out. I just have to think about it.
I don't need a bunch of patterns, I am a simple girl, with crazy taste. I just need one perfect pattern.

That's it!!!! By George, she's got it!

I need one perfect pattern...to fit me on the top...and one perfect pants pattern.

OK. How do I do this?

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