Jan 31, 2012

Rebecca's Journey

I’d like to share with you my good fortune of having met Rebecca.  Rebecca is a true novice, a beginner seamstress with very limited sewing construction skills and a challenging body.

As we all know, there’s no point in spending any amount of time preparing a pattern and then sewing it up, to have it not fit properly in the end. No matter how competent the seamstress, those mis-fits often get tossed aside never to see the light of day again, or worse cause the frustrated seamstress to stop sewing all together.

In one of her online searches for HELP, Rebecca stumbled upon Sure-Fit Designs™.  As Rebecca and I communicated, it became obvious that she needed help with her sewing and fitting skills…and I needed support on my blog, which she loves to do.  Rebecca expressed a strong desire to not only learn how to sew and improve her very limited skills, but since she has a number of shape challenges, she also wanted her clothes to fit.  Who wouldn’t?  Her goals were to increase her sewing knowledge and pattern skills and achieve a wardrobe of well-fitting clothes.

She offered…and I offered.  This chance meeting occurred this October past and since then she and I have been assisting one another - she helps with the Sure-Fit Designs™ blog and I help with her sewing and fitting challenges.  This arrangement is mutually beneficial and rewarding.

As you begin scanning and reading some of these blog entries, you’ll read Rebecca’s journey.  She shares her frustrations with all the new challenges she faces from getting the bobbin wound to getting the shoulder point on her pattern in the right location.  You’ll read my responses and how I’ve guided and encouraged her.

I’m sure some of you who are beginner seamstresses will totally understand the floundering and frustration that Rebecca is experiencing.  And those of you who are more confident will remember some of your first sewing and fitting challenges.  We’ve all been there – none of us were born with the golden needle in our fingers – but thank goodness we all keep helping one another and learning new skills.

You'll see in the first few posts that Rebecca has struggled with regular commercial patterns.  As the blog continues, you'll read of her challenges and triumphs as she makes her way through her very first fitting 'muslin'.

Thank you Rebecca for all you’ve taught me about blogging. 

And…I hope you all enjoy the ongoing entries of Rebecca’s Journey.


  1. Love the new blog format, love Joy's blog, and am waiting to hear the rest of Rebecca's journey.

  2. Thanks...and stay tuned - there's lots more to come.

  3. Often times a sewer thinks they are the only person who has the most 'unfittable" body in the world - with a pile of failed attempts to prove it. Rebecca's story is certainly an inspiration that the perfect fit is possible for anyone.

    Thanks for sharing and look forward to your blogging journey.

    P.S. The little dog in the background - too cute !

  4. Most everyone has very unique fitting challenges, so yes, you are not alone. I know you'll enjoy the journey.

  5. Finally! I can now ask questions without feeling embarrassed about my lack of knowledge or without feeling that I am annoying the "expert". Thanks Glenda! Thanks Rebecca! P.S. I WILL be presenting you my issues soon!

  6. Hi Rebecca, I have just read your comments in matching notches and I think that Swenching should be immediately added to all sewing texts. I am sure I have swenched a sleeve in once or twice in the past, just didn't know that's what I was doing. You are learning fast! Best wishes, Una in Oz