Feb 4, 2012

SFD 30th. Anniversary Gift for you!

Hi everyone,
In case you didn't open your most recent newsletter (from me), there's an Anniversary Gift waiting for you.  Yes, it's the 30th. Anniversary of Sure-Fit Designs.  We started offering this fantastic fitting system back in February of 1982.

To celebrate, I'm offering you new pattern instructions for terrific Tank Tops.  Just hop on over to SFD Anniversary Gift to download your copies.
Tank Top General Instructions

You'll find:
  • General Instructions for basic the Tank Top
  • Tank Top with V-Neck and Lace Inset
  • Tank Top with Center Front Gathers and side seam shirring
  • Camisole Top with diagonal hem

V-Neck with Lace Inset
They're intended to be sewn from stretch knit fabric, but still will have the bust dart for excellent shape.  All are designed from the SFD Dress Kit.

Here's the link again - SFD Anniversary Gift

They are totally free until Feb. 29, 2012.

Enjoy...with my compliments!

Camisole with Diagonal Hem
Center Front Gathers


  1. Thanks Glenda, can't wait to try these out so I can get ready for Spring and Summer!

  2. Marie, You are most welcome! I know you'll enjoy using these designs.

  3. Hi again Glenda, I just posted this on Pattern Review. If this is NOT ok let me know so I can pull this! Otherwise I'm spreading the word.


  4. Hi Marie, Thanks for asking. Originally I had intended these Tank Top designing gifts for our current SFD mailing list membership. However, posting this information on PatternReview will inform others about Sure-Fit Designs. I think it's just fine and thanks for spreading the word.