Feb 17, 2012

Carolyn's First Experience with Sure-Fit Designs

Carolyn's Sewing Room: Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit Test Bodice

I became interested in Sure-Fit Designs when Glenda Sparling did a Chat on Pattern Review. Sure-Fit Designs has several pattern kits - Dress (consists of a fitted blouse and and skirt), Shirt, Pants, and Children's Kit. You take your measurements and then find a matching dot to your measurement on the master pattern (either for bodice and skirt or pants). You then draw your sloper (Glenda calls it your body blueprint) to your measurements. There are not very many measurements. For instance, there are only 11 for the dress kit bodice and skirt.

After you draft your sloper, you sew up a muslin. Tweak it if necessary. Here is my muslin, which I thought turned out great. The only tweaks were for sloping shoulder, taking it out a little at the high hip, and narrowing the shoulder. I'm sure the last two alterations were user error when taking my measurements. I always have to alter for a sloping shoulder.

PS.  Carolyn has agreed to let me post her progression with using Sure-Fit Designs.  Watch for the finished garments she's made for herself and her husband.  She's also sewn up a 'Sure-Fit Designs storm'.
Carolyn's Sewing Room: Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit Test Bodice


  1. Yes, she really has done a great job! Wait until you see her finishes dresses. Carolyn really is using her SFD patterns to the fullest.