Feb 14, 2012

Which Sure-Fit Designs Kit to Choose?

Glenda, I am a beginning sewer attempting to sew my own clothes.  I have been very frustrated with commercial patterns which even when I find them in my plus size, they don't fit me. I would like to try the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system.  My question to you is which kit should I purchase, the Dress Kit or the Shirt Kit?  I watched the video: Differences between the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt and Dress Kits  but I still feel insecure about which to purchase. 
I guess because I am plus size that I should get the Shirt Kit but it would be really wonderful to have form-fitting darts even if my shape is a plus.

Thank you, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca, I presume the link at the bottom of your email goes to your own blog and there I see a photo of you and your happy hubby!  (At least I presume that's you).  If so, I would definitely recommend the Dress Kit since you'll need the bust dart template (Adjust-A-Bust) for good fit (It offers an A to E-cup bra size).  Then once you have your test muslin completed, you can add more ease if you don't like the closer fit of the dress bodice and also leave out the waist fitting darts.  It will all depend on what you want your first project to be after you've done the test muslin.  Your designing options will be 'limitless'.  You might be interesting in watching this video on how to use the Adjust-A-Bust template.

My recommendation is one of the Dress Kit combos - http://www.surefitdesigns.com/Dress-Kit.html.  Just scroll to the middle of the page and see the drop-down window.  The greatest value (savings) is the Dress Kit Combo with DVD - $84.95.  This DVD will give you specifics of exactly what to do for drawing not only the Dress pattern, but also the Pants and Shirt patterns - so once you have it - it will be good for when you are able to order the other kits.  Of course, you also get the Tracing Vellum and Designing Stylus.

Are you on my mailing newsletter list?  If so, the last message I sent out was that I now have the capability to offer lay-away plans. This is another purchasing option for you.  Decide what you'd like - and how much you'd like to pay each month - and then when all payments are completed, the entire combo would be sent. 

And...yes, the Dress kit has been successful for others of plus size.  I'd love it if after you get your projects made, that you share your photos and comments with me to put on my site.

Kindly, Glenda

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