Feb 28, 2012

Placed My Sure-Fit Designs Order

I am very excited...I have a squeal squished tight in my tummy, it feels like the three days before my birthday and I get to open some presents. Eeeehh! SCREAM! 

Tuesday I placed my order with Sure-Fit Designs for a Dress Kit.

When I decided that I wanted to try the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system I didn't know which kit to purchase. I had narrowed the choice between the Dress Kit or the Shirt Kit and I didn't know which would be better for my particular needs. I thought I would try sending an email to Glenda at Sure-Fit Designs detailing my previous pattern fitting failures and my uncertainty. I was very pleasantly surprised when I quickly received a very thorough response to all my questions and concerns. My main issue is that I am a plus size and I thought that instead of getting the fitted bodice I would have to get the looser unisex Shirt Kit. But, Glenda assured me that either kit was suitable for plus size women and that the Dress Kit would fit me since it went up to 62" around for bust circumference and I knew I'd easily fit within its size range.

Perhaps you'd like to see a short video that Glenda prepared on the differences between the Dress and Shirt Kits.

SFD Designing Stylus
So I have chosen the Dress Kit which will also enable me to be able to create tee-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, and coats...quite an enormous selection.When I purchased the Dress Kit I also added the Design Stylus which is an essential part of the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system. I also added 10 yards of the tracing vellum. At first I wasn't going to get the tracing vellum, but after shopping at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Amazon.com, the tracing vellum that Sure-Fit Designs offers is the best at the best price.

So here I sit waiting on my order, bouncing off the walls and very, very excited.

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