Jun 29, 2012

I Have SET-IN Sleeves!!

You would be so proud of me!!!!  It's a miracle!
Remember my sleeves were way too tight and you recommended that I do the "Large Upper Arm"  tune-up on page 16 of the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.
I studied how to sew a set-in sleeve and then studied the directions for the sleeve tune-up and then I altered my personal bodice blueprint and redrew the sleeve. 

Note to self:  Never, never ever draw on my personal blueprint, but instead trace a copy of it!!! 

I sewed up the bodice and set in the sleeve and I think I did a really good job, especially considering this is my first sleeve sewing experience.  I am very pleased with the results.  I did it!!!  Truly, truly awesome!
Now...my list is:
  • Perfect fit Bodice with sleeve (accomplished)
  • Perfect Sleeveless Bodice  (Almost had it but I altered the blueprint instead of tracing over, so I need to redo this)
  • Perfect Bodice with Kimono Sleeves........I really want to try Short Kimono/ Cap Sleeve on page 18.
  • Pivoting Darts....moving bust dart to add to waist dart....for Kimono sleeve and heading towards a peasant blouse
  • My skirt blueprint is all re-drawn I just have to sew it up
  • And I want to try a Sleeveless Sheath Dress
  • I am also working on my first over-shirt from the Shirt Kit and of course I have questions
CONGRATULATIONS!!!     I really want you to send a photo.  I want to see the sleeve.  I'm sure you did a marvelous job - and for first attempt - very well done!

Your comment about never, never drawing on your finished blueprint is really an excellent 'lesson' to share with everyone.  It's always best to trace a working copy of the blueprint and THEN make your changes. 

Jun 25, 2012

Design: Asymmetrical Blouse

OOOhhhh!  I really like this Striped Knit Hacci Design from Ashley Stewart.  I really think this is a HOT! Plus Size Design.

This would be so easy to do from the SFD Shirt Kit.  I'll save the image as a reference to help create 'Fashion Leaflet' similar in design.

Jun 19, 2012


Glenda, I would not be having to do my second set of personal patterns if I had watched your How-To DVD....The DVD helped enormously and was a really fun experience.  I especially liked the fashion show which beautifully answered my question, "What to do with my Personal Body Blueprint"?

But my favorite part of the DVD was Glenda's demonstration and explanation of how many combinations of different patterns are truly possible with just the SFD Dress Kit...I think the number was 3,150!  Can you even imagine sewing that many patterns in your lifetime?

Jun 14, 2012

Sew Sensational Shirts

Sure-Fit Designs is announcing this all new Shirt Kit designing book called - Sew Sensational Shirts.  I know this is something you've all been waiting for and its finally complete.  It's the third and last book/DVD set in the SFD Mix 'n' Multiply series.

  • 24 pages
  • 6 new Shirt styles
  • Instructions to work with your Shirt body blueprint to create the design
  • General sewing construction steps
  • Mix 'n' Multiply options show you to combine your Skirt pattern with your Shirt pattern to achieve excellent hip fit.
  • Plus - complete with 1.5 hr how-to DVD

As an Introductory offer, order Sew Sensational Shirts for $21.95 + S&H.  Just go to Sew Sensational Shirts to take advantage of this limited time offer (good until June 30, 2012). Take a few moments to watch this introductory video.

Jun 13, 2012

Wearing Ease in the SFD patterns

What I have discovered is that the personal blueprint patterns drawn from Sure-Fit Designs don't have to be loose to fit. If your measurements are correct, your personal body blueprint pattern will fit with wearing ease automatically built in to the Sure-Fit Designs master patterns.

Generally, the mistakes I have made as a novice sewer is adding too much ease to my personal pattern, which of course was based on my experiences with store bought clothing and commercial paper patterns. It's difficult to get over the mind-set of making sure a pattern will fit "wide hips," "bulging tummy," or "big thighs."

You might want to see and hear what Glenda has to say about ease allowances and the Dress Kit patterns.

Jun 10, 2012

Carolyn's SFD T-Shirts

I always get asked whether to use the Dress or Shirt Kit for sewing a T-Shirt.  It depends on whether you want a bust dart or not and how tight or loose you want the result to fit.  The dress kit bodice will offer a tighter fit as it has only 2 1/2" ease in the bust line, whereas the shirt is dartless (unless you've added one in for your fuller bust) and gives about 5" - 6" bust ease.  Of course, you'll likely want to size down at least one measurement dot (or more) depending on how stretchy the knit is.

Let's take a look at Carolyn's results.
This one is designed from the Dress Kit and the bust dart has been transferred to the neckline at CF.

Next you'll see a Shirt Kit variation with handmade ruching at the neckline.

And last but certainly not least is an example of a sleeveless tank top, designed from one of the Sure-Fit Designs Tank Top Leaflets.

Well done, Carolyn.  To read Carolyn's comments about fabric choice and the design details she chose, please go to Carolyn's Sewing Room.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Jun 7, 2012

Skirt as Big as a House

I have sewn up my test muslin for my skirt which I made from my personal body blueprint.  But when I put it on it was as big as a house...a good ten inches too big!!!  What did I do wrong???

In a case like this a little sleuthing work is needed.  So...now measure the paper pattern. Measure from CF to side seam - MINUS the dart space - then measure CB to side seam MINUS the dart space. Add the 2 measurements together and double it for your entire circumference. This should measure approximately 50" - (with, of course, the dart space eliminated). If it measures close to 50" - then the waist should fit.

Where are 10" extra coming from? If the pattern measures correctly then the fabric can't possibly be that big.  You are welcome to call me - I'm happy to help - maybe verbally we can figure out where the extra is coming from.
Kindly,  Glenda

I have laid out my bodice (which fits really really well and has all darts sewn in place) and my skirt pattern as a one piece dress as shown on the instructions and it really lines up perfectly.  So my mistake is some really dumb beginner mistake in the sewing.  All my seams are really good 5/8".

My waist measurement on the Front Bodice matches the waist measurement on the Front Skirt and as I said the vellum patterns line up almost perfectly.

My muslin test skirt is huge.  I held it up and measured it with a yard stick and one side measured 29" which is a total of 60"  and this was with all seams sewed at 5/8"..........HOLD THE PHONE......SCREAM!!!  I didn't sew in the back darts..........Grrrrrrrrrrr.  And I just checked my Back Skirt Pattern and it was drawn 2 sizes bigger than the Front Skirt Pattern.  OK this accounts for why it doesn't FIT!  I am going to go sit in the corner with my skirt over my head.