Jun 24, 2014

UK Connection

An avid SFD seamstress from the UK has been loving, using and sharing her SFD experiences.

Jan's primary focus has been on working with the Shirt Kit master patterns, extending her wardrobe with comfortable T's and casual shirts.  She's teamed these up with her SFD Jeans, which she is extremely pleased with...and you can see why.

Jan sent a number of photos and has given permission to show all of you.  So here we go...

Jan simply did not like the bulk created by the collar with stand (on the left).  She removed it and chose a simple mandarin collar to finish the neck edge.  Doesn't she just have a loveliest of smiles?

And one to go - this comfortable brown & orange striped T-Shirt...

And, let's look at her excellent stitching on the jeans pocket...

Well done Jan!  And thanks so much for sharing your Sure-Fit Designs experiences with your sewing group.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

Jun 17, 2014

My Goodness...Gudrun's Collection

My goodness, our sewing friend from Germany has been on a binge...a sewing binge!

Gudrun has combined both Dress/Bodice fit and Shirt kit comfort in her selection of tops to wear with her perfect fitting and comfortable Yoga pants.

The latest Asymmetrical T-Shirt design (see Downloadable Fashion Leaflets) is quick and easy to design and sew. For this T-Shirt as well as for the Detachable Collar Overblouse (Sew Sensational Shirts) (see her green blouse above), she combined her Dress Kit bodice by transferring the bust dart down into the waist fitting dart, and then drew the design details from the pattern instructions. So whether you want the more fitted sleeve and underarm from the Dress Kit bodice pattern, or the looser, deeper armscye from the Shirt Kit, you can see these instructions for the Asymmetrical T-Shirt can be versatile and go either way.

Her second version of the Asymmetrical T-Shirt was sewn from a type of silk jersey, which stretched in all directions and was slippery and slithery.
And since 'challenge' was the mother of invention, instead of pleats which simply wouldn't drape well, she traded the pleats for gathers, and replaced the facings with self-binding.  The result? Well...a slightly different look, but she says 'I like it and it already has passed the wearing test'.

Here's my version of the Asymmetrical T-Shirt designed from the Shirt Kit.

Thanks for sharing your projects.  You all like to see what other have accomplished with their SFD patterns, so please send your photos directly to me at info@surefitdesigns.com.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

Jun 10, 2014

Just a Reminder...

Many of you ask for help. And all of you know, or should know by now, that I am more than willing to offer input, suggestions and solutions for whatever your issue happens to be.

But...I do need to remind you that sometimes your verbal description of what is going on can be 'Greek' to me. You all know how it is so easy to mis-interpret what someone has written.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

What am I talking about??? When you ask for help via email, please include a photo (or photos) of whatever your question is about. That way I have a better opportunity to evaluate your situation, figure out what you've done (some times I can...some times I can't) and offer suggestions.

There is a page on our websites dedicated entirely to our Customer Support. If you haven't yet run across this page, please click here - Customer Support.

If your question happens to be about the fit of your body blueprint, please make sure you have watched this video first.

Even though I'm demonstrating on a Pants pattern, the same concepts and general cautions also apply to all the Sure-Fit Designs master patterns. How you've drawn your pattern is extremely important.

In my fitting classes, I see all kinds of ways and attitudes about what someone thinks is accurate and how fastidious they are in taking care that the dots and connecting lines are accurate....and then I see others who also think the same thing, but the pattern reflects less attention to detail. This same lack of attention to detail is often reflected in their sewing technique, which of course can change the finished result. Please take your time. So many of you know that the pattern drawing process is truly easy to do and doesn't take much time, but you also know that attention to detail will affect the resulting fit.

And, if you are wondering about a particular style or design or process and wondering where the information is found within the Sure-Fit Designs system, please, please, please download this free Sure-Fit Designs INDEX (which was compiled by Sara Gray - a SFD customer).

Just go to FREE STUFF and scroll down the page. You'll see it. Sara did a remarkable job of indexing where all the information is found within the SFD fitting system materials. It's easy to read and easy to find what you're looking for. Please look here first. Then if you can't find what you're seeking, email me for help.

And last, but certainly not least, if you are wanting help with fitting suggestions or how to design something, you might likely just find the answer in the SFD Video Library - http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Video_Library.html or in the Article Library http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Article_Library.html

Each month I try to add at least one more video or one more article. I don't always have time to announce these in the newsletter (or anywhere else for that matter). But it really is worth your time to check back to these resources regularly to see if anything is new.

Thanks so much for continuing to be a loyal Sure-Fit Designs user and customer. I truly do enjoy hearing from you.



Jun 3, 2014

Pam's Amazing Artistry

Pam Perry (photo inset bottom left) is a Sure-Fit Designs customer, a professional make-up artist and photographer.

Lucky Pam - her husband gifted her with the SFD Works Combo and she's gone to town! The photo above shows one of her first SFD bodices. Pam sews the clothes and accessories for her photo shoots and has always used commercial patterns, but that's all changed now with Sure-Fit Designs. In the above photo, she used the basic Dress Kit bodice and admits she used a commercial pattern peplum...but redesigned it to her liking.

She commented, 'I'm loving the (SFD) kits and extras and though I've typically used commercial patterns before, I'm loving the fitting and designing! I'm so excited to make more!!'

And more she did. In this next photo, Pam is working up a mesh top from the bodice pattern, minus the darts since it's stretchy fabric. She's experimenting with studded epaulettes and leather strapping.

And now, the finished outfit on her very trendy and uniquely different model.

 Pink is sure pretty!
This is Pam's next SFD adventure. The fabric she used is called 'costume leather' purchased at Joann Fabrics. Clothing designs don't need to be complicated when using an unusual fabric on an attractive model. The side bust dart has been transferred up to the shoulder, the new cap sleeve styling is from the 5th edition Dress Kit instruction book - pg. 24, and a simple scooped neckline is all it took. And let's not forget Pam's make-up artistry and fabulous photography!

Pam's artistry and display of her work can be found at:




Thank for sharing your accomplishments Pam!