Jun 5, 2018

Jacket Designing Retreat

What a success!  The recent Sure-Fit Designs Designing Retreat was fun, enjoyable and totally rewarding for those in attendance.  I couldn't have asked for a lovelier group of ladies in attendance.
Ladies came from far and wide (to Eugene OR) to attend this designing retreat - from N.Y., Wisconsin, California, southern Oregon and the UK.  We were so fortunate to have Judith Johnson, the Sure-Fit Designs UK/Ireland distributor participate in this workshop.  And for all you UK/Ireland customers, Judith will be offering a Jacket Designing Retreat most likely in October this year.

I'll keep my comments brief and simply show you some highlights in a photo story of the 4 day event.  One of the students chose to design and sew a princess line blouse rather than a jacket.  But all was good and everyone almost completed their projects - in fact two of the ladies did indeed finish.

It was a great retreat.  I hope you enjoy seeing the daily progression.
Day 1 - gathering for the opening 'welcome'
 How to design the princess line

 Add a lapel if you want to

Drawing the 2-part sleeve

Students drawing their patterns

Students enjoying the sewing process

Students showing off their makes!

Well done ladies!  It was totally my pleasure to have you attend.

For those of you who think you might want to attend in 2019, please send an email to info@surefitdesigns.com and put 'Design Retreat Wait List' in the subject line.  And though I'm not sure of the dates, my best guess is that early March 2019 will be the next designing retreat.  As soon as possible there will be a dedicated website page with all the required details, but in the meantime email me if you are interested.  You will have first right of refusal.

Glenda the Good Stitch!