SFD How-To Videos

Sure-Fit Designs has produced free, educational videos to help you increase your fitting knowledge.  They are anywhere from about 2 to 5 minutes long and deal with a wide range of fitting, designing and sewing topics (with the primary emphasis on fitting).  They are all posted on Sure-Fit Designs and in our newest website the Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center - just go to the Video LibraryHere a smaller video format is displayed, but if you click on the title of the video in the top bar, it will open up the larger screen format and take you directly to YouTube.

These videos not only give you a great overview and explanation of what the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system is and how it works, but they are also beneficial in simply teaching you how to understand the relationship of the pattern to your body curves and shape.

Also, if you happened to be subscribed to this blog and if you are following along, you'll know that I have been posting some of the current videos on all sorts of different sewing/fitting topics.  Please feel free to share them on your blog.

Here's an example of a few of the general videos that you may want to take some time to watch.  Enjoy....Glenda

Introduction to Pattern Fitting with Sure-Fit Designs

How to use the Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus

The benefits of how to use and work with the Sure-Fit Designs Tracing Vellum

Understanding and how to use the Sure-Fit Designs Adjust-A-Bust template...an essential tool from the SFD Dress Kit to give you a great fitting dart - No More FBA!

Matching Notches
WOW wow wow…….this video is my favorite!!!!  MATCHING NOTCHES

(These comments were added by Rebecca - a novice seamstress.  You can follow her story - look for Rebecca's Journey in Topics).  
While creating my own personal bodice pattern using the Sure-Fit Design system I read the simple instruction…”Add Seam allowances and matching notches”  But when I looked at my master pattern and my personal pattern I thought ……geehz, holy moley…..HOW?

Thanks to the Sure-Fit Designs video, Matching Notches.  This video really got me excited.  I must confess I never really knew what the notches on ANY pattern were for, I have been cutting them off as irritating little triangles that messed up my long seam lines.  And I have also wondered why any bodice I sewed from a commercial pattern would fit one way as a sleeveless bodice and then would fit completely different once I sewed the sleeves on.  I assumed that if I positioned the cap of the sleeve at the top shoulder seam with a straight pin and then just sewed the sleeve into place from armhole to armhole, swenching or pinching it to fit (my easing terms) that it wouldn’t matter if I had material left over I could always cut it off or sew it into the underarm.  HA!  No wonder my sleeves were always a mess!

And I have been wanting to add yokes to everything, I think they are so cool.