Oct 27, 2015

** News Flash - Shirt Fitting Course on DVD

It's been a couple of months in the making, but it's finally ready to unveil.  This new Shirt Fitting Course on DVD completes the SFD instructional DVD fitting courses.  As so many of you know, we introduced the new Shirt Kit in early 2015.  Now there's complete and detailed pattern drawing, sewing and fitting instructions to go along with it - all on this new 2-DVD set.
This short video gives you highlights of what's in the course and what you can expect.

This 2-DVD set contains 3.5 hrs of detailed instruction with great close-ups.  I know you'll benefit greatly by following along as I take you through the entire process of drawing your SFD Shirt pattern.  Of course, I show you complete sewing construction steps, fit evaluation and minor tune-ups if you need them, how to add a dart and how to add piping.  You can see this DVD set is packed full.  For those of you reading this blog who don't yet have the SFD Shirt Kit, you will need that along with the Designing Stylus and some Tracing Vellum.

As an opening special, we're offering a 20% discount for this DVD set.  But if you want to add either the Shirt Kit or the designing book Sew Sensational Shirts, you'll receive a 25% discount.  The choice is yours!

These introductory specials will run through Monday November 2, 2015.  When you place your order in the Shopping Cart, simply enter in either Discount Code - SFC20 (for the DVD only) or SFC25 (for one of the product combinations).
By the way, this new DVD also comes with  20-page downloadable Instructional Materials.
You get complete written instructions for the process of adding a Continuous Lap Sleeve Placket, and 2 new Fashion Leaflets: the Camp Shirt and Women's Cargo Jacket.  I hope you enjoy designing and wearing both.  They're both casual yet smart and of course, all from your SFD Shirt Kit!

To get the introductory special pricing on this new DVD course, just click here - SFD Shirt Fitting Course on DVD.

Happy Sewing!

Oct 20, 2015

And the winner is....

The lucky winner of the SFD Shirt Kit (from our recent 'Win a Shirt Kit' contest) is Nancy Hirsch.
Congratulations Nancy and thanks so much for participating!

We ran the 'Win a Shirt Kit' contest in conjunction with the new SFD online course - the 'Go Everywhere Shirt' now being offered at Curious.com.  If you haven't yet taken your one week free at Curious...just to check things out, please follow this link -

You will need to register with Curious, but after that, you will receive 1 week totally free to decide if you would like to continue with their online courses.  With over 17,000 lessons, they offer instruction on everything from 'soup to nuts' and of course, sewing and fitting too.  Then after your free week, you'll have an option to sign up for either monthly payments or take advantage of one low annual fee.  

By following this link -

you'll automatically receive a 20% discount on your paid membership.  This offer is exclusive for our Sure-Fit Designs customers. 

Once again, congratulations Nancy!  And my thanks so everyone who participated in the contest. 

Oct 6, 2015

Sleeve Pitch: Increasing the Sleeve Pitch

As you read in last week's blog - Sleeves and all their Quirkiness - the Sure-Fit Designs Sleeve pattern is designed for ease of use, both in drawing and in construction, meaning the hem level is straight with a 1" (2.5cm) wide fold-up hem. A you increase the forward pitch, the hem will/should change to a gradual curve.  Additionally, the front underarm seam will bend to follow the forward hang of your arm.


1.  Trace a copy of your SFD sleeve                    
pattern WITHOUT seam allowances or
hem allowance.  Label as shown: A - B -
C - D - E - F - G - H. (Point F & I will be
established during the drawing).

2. Extend the grainline down to the hem level, point A.

  3.  Draw a line from point A to B. 

4.  Cut from point A to B, and from C to B.  Leave a tiny paper hinge at point B - the pivot point.

5.  Pivot section A-B-C-D toward the middle of the sleeve.  Point D will move 'inward' 1/2" (1.3cm).  This is easiest done on a grain/grid board as shown.  Tape to secure.

6.  Since 1/2" (1.3cm) was taken away from the hem width on the back underarm seam, you need to add this amount 1/2" (1.3cm) to the right of point E on the front underarm seam.  Label as point F.  This maintains the same wrist circumference opening to pull the sleeve over your hand.

7.  Connect point F to G.  Point G should be smoothed slightly.  Measure both the front and back underarm seam lengths - minus the dart space on the back seam.  Underarm seams need to be the same length or a tiny bit shorter in the front (which would be eased into the back seam).  Adjust the length of the front underarm seam if necessary.

8.  F to G to H is the front underarm seam.  You may want to curve/bend this seam further.  It will depend on if you have enough elbow circumference ease for your particular arm shape.  If you'd like to shape this seam, mark 1/2" (1.3cm) toward the left of point G.  Label as point I.  Connect F to I to H.  Use the Designing Stylus to blend/shape the curve at this bend in the seam.  Now that you have substantially changed the length and shape of the front underarm seam, compare to the length of the back underarm seam - minus the dart space.  Lengthen or shorten at the hem level as needed.

 9.  The elbow dart has become slightly                            
wider.  Simply back the opening with tracing vellum. Tape securely.  Re-establish the center fold line of the dart and the new dart side seam cutting lines.

10.  At the wrist/hem level, connect point D to F in a slightly curved line.  The Designing Stylus is a great tool to draw this transition.

11.  Lastly, add 5/8" (1.6cm) seam allowances to all edges.  Because the wrist/hem level is now curved, you can't use a fold up hem allowance.  This edge will require a shaped facing.

Sew a trial sleeve to test this pattern shape on your arm. Depending on the shape and hang of your arm, you may need to further increase the forward pitch and/or change the shape of the front underarm seam.

Happy Sewing,