Dec 26, 2019

Let Sure-Fit Designs Inspire You! Sew more with our Sew & Tell Planner

2020 Sew and Tell inspiration from Sure-Fit Designs!

We are SEW excited to announce the Sure-Fit Designs Sew and Tell 2020 Planner.  Our intention in offering this design and sew planner is to inspire you to do more sewing and designing with your Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing kits.

Frequently, after you have sewn your test body blueprint, you think 'What now...Where do I go from here?'  This Sew and Tell Planner will stimulate you to take the next step - sewing fashion garments with your SFD patterns.  Resources and ideas will be offered with a step by step planning platform.  No matter your skill level, we invite you to Join Sew and Tell 2020!

How this Works...
The Sure-Fit Designs Sew & Tell Planner is a year-long event to encourage designing and construction of garments using your Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) system of fitting, designing and sewing.  Your personal 'body blueprint' is your ticket to designing any style of clothing knowing that it will fit you.
Regardless of your sewing experience or experience with Sure-Fit Designs, we want to invite you to set realistic sewing project goals now and work toward achieving those goals throughout 2020.  The Sew and Tell Planner will definitely help.
 Get the 2020 Sew and Tell Project Planner - yours totally Free for the downloading.

Use the Planner to:
  • set sewing project goals
  • plan your sewing projects
  • track your progress throughout the yea
  • use the year-end evaluation (if you want)
WIN Prizes...

For those of you who join our Sew and Tell, as an added incentive, Sure-Fit Designs will have random drawings for various prizes thoughout 2020.  To qualify for prizes, you will need to submit photos of your finished garments.  Winners will be announced via the SFD Newsletter, the SFD Blog, Facebook, Instagram &/or Pinterest.

Rules of Participation...
In order to be eligible for a monthly prize, you must follow a few simple rules. 
  1. Design and sew a garment using the SFD fitting and sewing system.  You can use any of the 5 SFD designing kits (i.e. Dress Kit, Shirt Kit, Pants Kit, Men's Pants Instructional Package, or the Children's Kit).
  2. Take a photo of the garment on the intended wearer (not on a mannequin, dress form or hanger, etc.).
  3. Post your finished garment photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.  Include the following information in the post description:  Your unique ID#, hashtag #sewandtell2020; SFD design kit(s) used; include a description of important design details and/or your design process.
  4. If you prefer not to post your project photo to social media, you can email the photo along with the information above to:
  5. If you win a prize, you must agree to allow Sure-Fit Designs to use your project photo in promotional materials, including but not limited to the SFD web sites, social media, print materials etc.
  6. IMPORTANT: Post up to 2 photos per project only; if possible please create a single photo collage of the various views you want to show for your garment.
I sincerely hope that all of you reading this blog post participate in this fun and creative event.  I would also ask that you share this Sew and Tell project with all your sewing friends and all the social media sewing groups that you belong to.

Get organized...have fun...and sew lots!

Sign up, read more details and get your free Sew and Tell Planner here 

Happy Sewing!
Glenda the Good Stitch