Rave Reviews

Many of you like to hear of others' experiences as they try out and use the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system.  From petites to plus sizes, for women and men, from novice to experienced seamstresses, Sure-Fit Designs can solve your fitting challenges.  Some of you will find good fit straight ‘out-of-the-box’, while others may need a few refinements or minor tune-ups (often related to a 'measuring' issue).  Without further ado, here are just a very few of the rave reviews coming in from sewists all over the world and just like you.
 Hi Glenda,
Thank you so much for all your help since owning my SFD fitting kits.  This is the first time I've made something for myself and wore it proudly.

I am so happy that I can not only sew up a dress, but now I can make a design and not worry about fitting or fiddling with that pattern tissue anymore!

I am sooooo happy!  I have been smocking and sewing formal dresses for all my daughters, but now to add in the ability to fit myself...my dream come true!

Thank you!  Thank you!
Nadine from Florida

Dear Glenda,

I cannot thank you enough; you've opened up a new, exciting, fun world of sewing for me.  I've been designing & sewing in every spare moment I have over the last month; every project is filled with learning and I'm really loving the design process. Especially discovering how the same sort of design works with different fabrics and how the looks change.

It was a bit intimidating taking the SFD path initially - I would have described myself as an enthusiastic but basic home sewer, with next to no fitting experience and certainly no design experience at all. As a "mature" woman my body has changed from it's easy to fit youthful proportions and standard patterns just didn't work for me so I gave up sewing for over 20 years.   I'm ecstatic I took the plunge into SFD, because the SFD system is easy to use, the results are rewarding, and the creativity from the system is endless. Much much better than simply buying a standard pattern & (for me inevitably) being disappointed. Your internet resources are exhaustive, and the customer gallery/blogs are very inspiring.

Now that I've started sewing again & my confidence is building, I'm really realizing there are no sewing mistakes, only sewing learnings. I love my 'unpicker' now, and understand that fit will probably change a little with every garment so I just enjoy the process involved to get the design the way I want it.

The SFD pattern system is awesome; easy to follow, and inspiring to use. It's so easy to create design after design without having to troll through pattern books & pay for patterns that may or may not work. The fit is always great, and every project gets better & better.

You are probably overwhelmed by positive emails & pictures from home dressmakers much more accomplished than I am. And since you've said you're looking forward to pictures, I'll send you a few via separate emails.

What a great system!
Sigrid, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


Sheila's Muslin Test
Sheila's First Fashion Garment
 Dear Glenda,
You have worked so diligently with me on this.  First I had some incorrect measurements.  We learned that my upper chest is quite narrow, and I think that I am short-waisted!  But what a lovely garment I have now thanks to Sure-Fit Designs!  It is quite exciting to think that now I can make any bodice and won't have folds in front of my armhole!  I can't wait to get to the Shirt Kit that I also have.  My husband has already asked if I will be able to make shirts for him.  Wish that I had found you earlier but thankful that I found Sure-Fit Design at all.  It is a wonderful product. 

Thank you


'Dear Glenda - Thank you so much for all the help.  I can not say that enough.   It is so nice to have something comfy to wear.   I can't wait to keep making more of a wardrobe.   You make all dreams come true and possible, and it was so simple when you have the video's and your directions to follow.'
Rojene from Iowa

Hi Glenda,
I bought your system a couple of weeks ago when I agreed to sew Hawaiian dresses for a dance group in the area.  I had 12 dresses to make.  I was thinking that the ladies would be slim athletic type women.  Well, not exactly!  These ladies ranged from size 12 to 24 with waists from 25" to 45".  I made each lady a master bodice pattern and then used the commercial pattern to make the princess line dresses.  I am delighted to report that all but one dress fit perfectly in the bust-line with minor tweaking to perfect the personalized fit. The one dress, that I was a little worried about, was just a matter of letting out the seams around the waist, then bust-line fell into place.  I had two ladies that I needed bigger sleeves/armhole for movement when they dance and two ladies who wanted more room in the back princess seam for more movement.   Overall, the ladies were happy and I was so excited that I can just do finishing work on the majority of the dresses.  Check out the pictures of the Hawaiian dresses.
I was so happy with Sure Fit Designs for adults that I ordered the children's pack to work on some grand-kid's outfits. 
Thanks for your product and your instructive videos that walked me through the process.
All the best,

Paula Biggs - USA_______________________________________________________________________

After weight loss
I wanted to write to tell you how much I love my Sure-Fit Designs Dress kit.  I have made three items from it already and they are very different.  My most recent Item is the fitted dress.  I have lost 20 lbs since I made my blue and white maxi dress. The dress kit is so easy to use. After my weight loss, it took no effort to redraw my body blueprint with my new measurements.  It is similar to the connect-the-dots pages you did as kids.   I used the advice in the instruction book about going down one dot on the master pattern for formal wear. I did this because the design I had in my head was very fitted.  I wear a 34G, but the difference in inches between my under bust and my full bust actually equated to a DD on the bust dart template.  The Adjust-A-Bust dart template has saved me so much time on full bust adjustments. It was so easy to get the bust of the blueprint fitting correctly from the beginning that I was able to focus on my other fit issues that needed minor tweaks - such as my swayback.

I have also used my Sure-Fit Designs Dress kit to make a blouse (see below).   It was also simple to use the blueprint and then add the style lines that I wanted.  

I also love to send you pictures of the items I have made.  It is so much fun to be able to show you all the new designs and outfits I can make from this dress kit. Because I refined the fit of my body blueprint, the only things I have to change are my style lines.  It is Awesome!  I can look at the big 4 patterns and only take the parts I like the best.

I love my Kit, and have many plans to use it to make so many garments.   I am excited to make myself an entire new wardrobe from it.
Thank you so much
Sarah Heath

Hi Glenda,

Now that Christmas is over, I've finally had time to get started on my own sloper! I finished it a couple days ago and I was so happy with how the first draft turned out. 

I've tried modifying commercial patterns with FBA's (Full Bust Adjustment) etc. in the past, and never had as good a result. 

My mind is going crazy with all the future design possibilities!  Here are some pictures attached so you can help me nail down what tune-ups I need.

Melissa - Utah, USA
Hi Glenda,
Every Xmas I visit my sister and mother on the Gold Coast (of Australia). We LOVE to browse through the Australian Stitches mags and I get busy drafting patterns etc. So, there has never been any one Stitches magazine that has taken our eye.

Even though I've seen your ads many times, I'm sure I've never taken much notice of any of them, having been trained in drafting at school and always doing my own thing as I have a very unusual fit and I’ve ALWAYS having to alter shop bought clothes. However, on a recent visit to my home, my sister actually played a YouTube (or what-ever) video of yours. We decided to buy one kit and on my usual Xmas visit I would test it out.



I drafted a bodice, made a toile, re-measured myself correctly, ...ha ha...I could never understand why the waist had to be measured using a piece of elastic...now I understand...took the back down one size...and...I was absolutely excited about the fit!

Working with your Designing Stylus was a breeze. I've worked with a French Curve but never knew what to do with it. Yours is so simple to understand and use. I'm simply blown away with the simplicity of the program. At times others have asked me to sew for them ...now I will not hesitate as I can simply use this Sure-Fit Designs fitting system.

ALL and I repeat ALL patterns which I've drafted out before have meant adjusting and re-adjusting then sewing up the material and adjusting and readjusting. Since I live on my own, you can imagine how frustrating it is trying to fit and re-fit blouses on myself. Now I can simply make up a blouse. I'm so excited about receiving the Beyond Bodice Basics as I now will have so many new ideas to try.

I'm so impressed with these patterns that I've decided to order my own and have encouraged my sister to do the same.  Knowing that we can email with questions is so helpful.
L. Shorten - Australia

I can't believe how EASY "Sure-Fit Designs" is to use.  It is truly amazing.
I have made a pattern for a 6 gore skirt for a customer with 57” hips. And a pattern for a dress with a princess line bodice with an 'A 'line skirt with a diagonal chiffon overlay for a mother of the bride whose measurements are 51” bust, 46”  waist and 58”  hips.

I do a lot do sewing for plus sized ladies and some times struggle with commercial patterns to get a nice fit.

I have found so much confidence in using the Sure-Fit Designs, I am confident to say from now on it will play a huge part in my dressmaking.
S. McLaren - Australia

I can't believe how EASY "Sure-Fit Designs" is to use.  It is truly amazing.
I have made a pattern for a 6 gore skirt for a customer with 57” hips. And a pattern for a dress with a princess line bodice with an 'A 'line skirt with a diagonal chiffon overlay for a mother of the bride whose measurements are 51” bust, 46”  waist and 58”  hips.

I do a lot do sewing for plus sized ladies and some times struggle with commercial patterns to get a nice fit.

I have found so much confidence in using the Sure-Fit Designs, I am confident to say from now on it will play a huge part in my dressmaking.

I finally have a great fitting pair of pants, thanks to the Sure-Fit Design system and the incredible assistance I received from Glenda.  In my opinion, she is the star of the system!  My original draft was easy to develop, and certainly fit me better than any “straight from the envelope” pattern I’ve ever tried.  But my “great fit” is entirely the result of endless patience and guidance from Glenda, addressing my severely tilted waist, uneven hips and various other figure issues.  Over the course of about three weeks, we exchanged many emails working through all of the problems, and Glenda always answered every one of my questions, most of the time the next morning.  Her service is exemplary, and I highly encourage anyone with problems fitting pants to give Sure-Fit Designs a try!

K. K. - SewFittinglyYou - Victor, N.Y

I have been using the Sure-Fit Designs Kits for more years than I care to remember. I have been able to fit Bridal wear for Ladies from a size 6 (which is tiny in Australia) to very large ladies. I attended your first presentations in Australia and have wondered why more people had not heard or knew about this wonderful system of fitting and design. So glad you are back again! Best of Luck with your new launch in Australia.

Kind Regards, Susan from OZ

And from Germany…I ordered the SFD patterns after having seen them in an Australian Sewing Magazine ‘Dressmaking with Stitches’.
When they arrived I started with the Shirt pattern blueprint for my son (student, 20+ and very slim: waist size 32/neckline size 30)
It was quite easy to follow your instructions and the blueprint was finished 'before my coffee was cold'.

Wanting a quick test, I started with a jeans fabric from my huge stash and created the trial-jeans-jacket.

It was perfect in the proportions and my son wore it the whole time. It has custom-designed inside pockets with zipper for his 'electronic equipment', outside pockets for his hands.

After this success I dared to cut the Graffity-jeans fabric in the same style.
He is very happy with the results and so am I.

'A happy customer from Germany!'

First of all thank you for the time you spent on Skype with me going over my sloper.  Since then I have made a dress, a top and 2 pairs of capri pants for myself and a shirt for my husband.  My husband said that this shirt is the best he has ever owned.  It fit so well.  He used it to go to a party over the weekend and got so many compliment
I was amazed at how my capri pants turned out.  They did not need any adjustments at all and fit just perfectly.  It is so great to know that I can make a pair of pants and know they will be perfect.  My second pair, which I made this afternoon in about an hour and never even tried them on until they were finished, were just perfect.

Jane Schmitt - Florida
Custom Design By Jane (Photo Gifts) www.customdesignbyjane.com

Hi Glenda!
I picked up the package this morning and was so excited to start that I forgot to have breakfast (coffee was enough to tide me over...).  I now have the BEST SLOPER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!  I made the dress sloper and I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing process this has been – your video is fantastic and I have been watching the DVD and following your instructions step-by-step.  I am SO GLAD I purchased the vellum – I had tracing paper but this is so much easier to work with – plus being able to erase is essential.

I was excited to let you know how thrilled I am with your product.  I researched quite a few systems before deciding on Sure-Fit Designs, and I can say, this was worth every penny, and if all of my failed attempts at sewing had to happen for me to get here, well then, that was worth it too.

Sara K. - Albuquerque NM

My new and latest project...challenge, this one has been my biggest challenge.....making a leotard pattern for my daughter's gymnastics group!!!

I have the "dummy" one finished and with a little bit of tweaking it fits beautifully!

Your instructions are so easy to follow.

As always, I am loving the SFD system and use it all the time in my sewing; I am amazed how one simple pattern can make a multitude of garments.
S.M. - Qld. Aust.