Dec 27, 2016

Unique Sewing/Craft Table

Recently I was in Fabric Depot in Portland OR and came across this unique craft/sewing/cutting table.

It looks like it's modeled on a 'saw horse' frame.  The top ledge of the saw horse had 2 horizontal and parallel pieces of wood with a large bolt holding them together.

You can see that in between these 2 horizontal pieces there is a gap and sandwiched in this gap are 4 vertical pieces that hold the top in place.  These vertical pieces have holes drilled through allowing a wooden pin to go through which will automatically adjust the height of the table top depending on which hole you choose to put the pin through.

If you happen to like woodworking (along with your sewing) or if you happen to have a 'handy husband' who enjoys woodworking, this is something that you might want to give a try.

Neither Wes (my husband) or I are skilled in woodworking, but I thought this was an interesting design that you might like to see.

Always thinking of you...

Dec 13, 2016

Streaming Video in your Sewing Room

Sure-Fit Designs has come of the digital age and is now able to provide you with a streaming video version of (most) all of our instructional DVD tutorials.  What does this mean?  For those of you who don't have DVD players, or don't have a convenient DVD player in your sewing space, or only use your smart phone or tablet to watch video lessons, Sure-Fit Designs is now providing a streaming video version of our most popular DVD tutorials.  The following now are being offered as online video courses:
* the Introductory How-To DVD (that comes with every COMBO purchase)
* the Bodice Fitting Course DVD
* the Pants Fitting Course DVD
* the Shirt Fitting Course DVD
* Fitting Commercial Patterns DVD
* Jeans: Behind the Scenes DVD

Each video course will come with all the relevant streaming video lessons and any downloadable pdf files where appropriate.

Here's how it is going to work.  Whenever you purchase a physical DVD from Sure-Fit Designs (and you've paid to have it shipped to you), you will receive a personal thank you email from me (Glenda the Good Stitch) which will give you a unique Discount Code for that specific DVD.  You will then need to register at our new online platform - (a new Sure-Fit Designs website).  Create a personal username and password.  Then for whichever DVD you have purchased, you can enroll (as if you were purchasing the online version) but just before the final checkout, you will have the opportunity to enter your 100% Discount Code giving you totally free access to the video lessons for the DVD that you've just purchased.

Here's what the new site looks like:

Also from this site, you will now be able to access the SFD Sew Alongs.  Though there will be more in time to come, right now there's only 2 - one with video - the Go Everywhere Shirt -  which is a course that many of you have been wanting on a different software it is!

- and one without video - the Holiday Happy Top.

Now, if you don't want the physical version of that particular DVD tutorial, you'll be able to purchase just the streaming video lessons if that is your choice.  Of course you'll be saving the cost of shipping, but the regular price will be the same as the physical version.

As my gift to you to get you started, be my guest to 'take10' - Just use this discount coupon code when you choose your first course and you'll receive 10% discount.  You simply need to register with a unique username and password - then choose your course.  Use 'take10' at check out.

Many of you have been asking for my video lessons for The Little Black Dress.  This will also be available by March on this new platform.

You might be interested in watching this short introductory video (actually it was our latest Facebook LIVE broadcast) introducing our new website

I really do think you are going to like this new platform and all that it can offer.  And after you've started using it, please make sure to send me your comments and feedback.  After all, it's from your requesting that our DVD tutorials have been made available in the streaming video format.  I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Fitting & Sewing!

Dec 6, 2016

Go Everywhere Shirt now available for a Lifetime!

The Go Everywhere Shirt by Sure-Fit Designs is now totally available as a one-time purchase and your enrollment will last you a lifetime!

You may remember, this Go Everywhere Shirt Sew Along was previously on the platform, but now I have made it totally available for you on an all new software platform where once you've enrolled and purchased your course, it is yours for a lifetime.

The Go Everywhere Shirt is drawn and designed from your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit, which means it's casual, comfortable and simple to sew.  This sew along offers both video lessons as well as a downloadable instruction guide sheet.

And you'll find it on our new website platform I'll tell you more about next week.  To access the Go Everywhere Shirt and to see samples of the video lessons, please click here -

You'll see measuring, drawing, designing and sewing it all together in the Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy it.

Happy Fitting & Sewing!