How to Contact & Order

To order any of the Sure-Fit Designs fitting, sewing and designing kits, please go to Sure-Fit Designs.  There you will see an extensive explanation of each fitting kit and all of the accessory tools. 
See the:
  • Dress Kit (for fitting and designing blouses, skirts, one and two piece dresses, jackets and coats),
  • Uni-sex Shirt Kit (for both women and men) the dartless look,
  • Children's Kit (for toddler's through teens - for both boys and girls),
  • Tracing Vellum - tracing medium - clear, see-through, highly durable and erasable,
  • How-To DVD (2 hr. 10 min. showing how to draw the Dress, Pants & Shirt Kits, plus fitting commercial patterns),
  • the SFD Designing Stylus - the Key to the System (curved drawing tools incorporating all the curves on your body).

Domestic (USA) and International orders welcome!
Feel free to place your order by phone!  
Call 541-344-0422 - (PST - Pacific Standard Time)
PO Box 5698, Eugene, Oregon, USA