Dec 13, 2020

Dividing the Bust Dart by Sure-Fit Designs™

If you have a large bust dart and would like to know how to easily divide it in half, please watch this short video by #GlendatheGoodStitch and #SureFitDesigns. #sewathome #memade #SewOver50 #SewingPattern #SuccessfulPatternFitting


Dec 7, 2020

Quick Start Info: What is Sure-Fit Designs?

New to Sure-Fit Designs?  Here's a quick start overview in a nut shell!

#SewAtHome #SureFitDesigns #MeMade #PatternFitting #SewOver50 #ILoveSewing


Dec 5, 2020

Pants Photo Fitting Evaluation Guide by Sure-Fit Designs™

Back in September 2020, Judith Johnson, our SFD UK Distributor, prepared a Bodice Fitting Photo Evaluation Guide.  Now you can see how best to take your pants photos when requesting a pants fitting evaluation from your distributor. Your attention to your photos will help us help you to achieve the best fit possible.