Jan 29, 2013

Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along & Customer Comments

Just in case you haven't visited PatternReview in a while, there's a group of women who are starting a Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along.  If you're interested in participating here's the link - http://sewing.patternreview.com/SewingDiscussions/topic/75069

It should be fun and motivating for you to get together with others around the world as you discuss and work through your SFD sewing projects.

When you're done, make sure to take photos and send to - info@surefitdesigns.com

Now is a good time to share with you a lovely letter I received a couple of days ago.  I sincerely appreciate receiving your comments.

Dear Glenda,

I cannot thank you enough; you've opened up a new, exciting, fun world of sewing for me.  I've been designing & sewing in every spare moment I have over the last month; every project is filled with learning and I'm really loving the design process. Especially discovering how the same sort of design works with different fabrics and how the looks change.

It was a bit intimidating taking the SFD path initially - I would have described myself as an enthusiastic but basic home sewer, with next to no fitting experience and certainly no design experience at all. As a "mature" woman my body has changed from it's easy to fit youthful proportions and standard patterns just didn't work for me so I gave up sewing for over 20 years.   I'm ecstatic I took the plunge into SFD, because the SFD system is easy to use, the results are rewarding, and the creativity from the system is endless. Much much better than simply buying a standard pattern & (for me inevitably) being disappointed. Your internet resources are exhaustive, and the customer gallery/blogs are very inspiring.

Now that I've started sewing again & my confidence is building, I'm really realizing there are no sewing mistakes, only sewing learnings. I love my 'unpicker' now, and understand that fit will probably change a little with every garment so I just enjoy the process involved to get the design the way I want it.

The SFD pattern system is awesome; easy to follow, and inspiring to use. It's so easy to create design after design without having to troll through pattern books & pay for patterns that may or may not work. The fit is always great, and every project gets better & better.

You are probably overwhelmed by positive emails & pictures from home dressmakers much more accomplished than I am. And since you've said you're looking forward to pictures, I'll send you a few via separate emails.

What a great system!
Sigrid, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

PS - You can see Sigrid's been quite busy sewing up an SFD 'storm'.

Jan 22, 2013

A New Video Series - Fitting your Shoulder - Square Shoulder Adjustment/Minor-Tune-Up

At Sure-Fit Designs™, we've made a commitment to your fitting success with your sewing patterns.  In that regard, we are constantly adding new instructional and educational videos for your benefit.  As of December 2012, we now have 100 videos that I know will help many of you achieve the very best fit possible. And, they are all free - no strings attached - no registration or sign-up is required.  These videos cover all kinds of topics from drawing the Sure-Fit Designs patterns to pattern refinements and modifications to designing with your patterns.  I'll be sharing them in this blog, but if you want to, go directly to the Sure-Fit Designs Video Library.

For those of you who follow this blog and for those of you who just wander by as a result of a random search, I'll be showing you 'old' videos as well as new ones as they become available.  So if you haven't already, make sure you subscribe to this blog (the subscription link is on the lower left of this page), so that you'll then receive notification of new blogs as they are posted.

This week I'm going to start by giving you a new series of instructional videos on how to get your pattern's shoulder line to fit with your shoulder line and shape.  The first one is on how to square the shoulder.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from seeing this quick and easy pattern adjustment (or as I call them - minor tune-ups).

Also, just a quick request from me...please share any of this video content on your personal blog or Facebook page and help me to spread the word about the Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing system.  Thanks so much, Glenda.

Here's the Square Shoulder Minor Tune-Up/Alteration - it's amazingly quick and easy!

Jan 15, 2013

Here's the Horizontal 'Fish Eye' dart for the Flat Backside

Last week, I showed you Joy and Phylly's great video on drawing the Princess Line pants using their Sure-Fit Designs pants pattern.  You'll remember that Phylly commented about how great that CB leg seam is for shaping the fabric to a flat backside.  In essence, within that seam you are incorporating a vertical 'fish eye' dart.

Another option to think about is folding out a horizontal 'fish eye' dart in the pattern, which can also help to remove the back-seat 'baggies'.  So here's one of my latest videos on drawing this minor tune-up.

The back-seat baggies seem to be an issue on the aging female body though it can definitely happen with younger women as well.

If you do make this refinement to your pattern, make sure you test, test, test!  Well...one test will likely be enough, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of testing when you make a pattern modification like this.

And I know many of you groan at the thought of having a CB seam in the back of your pants leg, but if it improves the fit no one, or very few, will ever notice it.  In fact, you'll get compliments on how well your pants are fitting.

Jan 8, 2013

How to Design/Draw Princess Line Pants with the Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Pattern

If you are extremely flat and have a lot of 'baggies underneath your butt' an excellent way to get your pants pattern to fit and snug in on your leg, is to sew pants with a princess line seam.  This means that there is a seam going up the center of the back pant leg.  Because you have a seam there, it means you can simply widen the seam allowance under your butt area until the baggies are eliminated.

You'll actually find the directions for doing this in a couple of places.  First in your SFD Pants Kit instruction book, it's on page 15 #11.b.  The second location is in the new SFD Leggings Leaflet.  Just click on this link.  You'll have fun making leggings that finally fit you properly.

In addition to this, my friend Joy, from Joyful Expressions, has recently made a video with her sewing buddy, Phylly, showing how to draw these princess seam line pants using their SFD Pants Pattern.  Have fun watching these two lovely ladies as they show you this process.

The only comments I would make are - when they show you the back dart and how it relates to the pants back leg seam, the dart should have been moved over to be directly on top of the seam.  Doing this means that the gentle curve of the seam going into the dart would have the same curved shape on either side and will make sewing it much easier and it will lay flatter on your body.  I actually show how to do this in the Leggings Leaflet.

The other comment is that drawing the curved extension of the seam can also be accomplished using the SFD Designing Stylus.

Enjoy this tutorial - it's fun and easy to watch.

Thanks ladies...you did a great job.  I'm so glad you're enjoying and benefiting from fitting and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs™.

In addition to Joy's video, there is also a Sure-Fit Designs™ video that is directly related to this topic, that being the flat backside.  Perhaps you may be interested in watching this one as well if you happen to have this flat backside fitting concern.

Jan 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution? Sewing Clothes that Fit during Weight Loss

I know the holiday season can play havoc with our diets.  There's just too many tempting tasties and before you know it, you've gained a little unwanted weight.  Now it's time to change your eating habits, but in the meantime, you need something to wear that fits, is comfortable and that will be easily adjusted as you loose weight.

I've been asked frequently from those who are loosing weight for suggestions as to the best style of garments to sew during this process.  If this situation is something you're dealing with, you may be interested in watching this video.  You'll find helpful recommendations when sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing system.

I know you'll just love these Easy Wrap Pants!  Instructions are found on Leaflet #8 - just Click Here!

(Feel free to share this video on your personal blog or Facebook page.  Thanks for spreading the word about Sure-Fit Designs.  Happy New Year! Glenda)