Sep 17, 2013

Darts & Color Blocking

Sometimes you might wonder what else you can do with the darts to make them kind of well...disappear.  Most of you know, you really can't do that since you need them for shaping your curves.  But you certainly can camouflage them by turning them into gathers or pleats. can incorporate them into a color-blocking design as Joy has done (Joyful Expressions). 

Joy was copying a Burda pattern with her SFD dress blueprint and has done such a good job of explaining how to do this that I thought you should just see her video.
This is the Burda pattern that Joy copied.  Keep in mind, she did not have this pattern - she only saw the design lines and thought she would transform her SFD blueprint into this shift-style dress.

This is her completed accomplishment.

And, here's the video showing you how she did it.  (This is really Video #1)

Basically, your pattern would look like this illustration.

This is very definitely a great way to incorporate the dart for good fit as expressed in Joy's Color Blocking creation.  (Joyful Expressions)   Thanks for sharing and well done!

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