Oct 29, 2013

Fit & Sew Retreat - Plan Ahead for 2014

I've had a number of ladies ask when the Fit & Sew Retreats were going to be scheduled for 2014.  Consequently, I've done some advanced planning for the entire next year.  These dates were announced in the October SFD Newsletter and ladies are already booking ahead.  I know it's difficult for some of you to plan this much in advance, but when I only take 6 students, the workshops do fill quickly.

There will be 4 combined SFD Pants/Bodice workshops which are each 6 days long.  In addition, and as a result of feedback from those who came this year, I'm offering 2 'Intensive' workshops.  Each will be 4 days long. One will be exclusively for fitting/sewing pants, and the other is exclusively for fitting/sewing the bodice/blouse.

The schedule is as follows:
February 16 - 21 (6 days: Pants & Bodice)

April 6 - 11 (6 days: Pants & Bodice)

May 18 - 21 (4 days - Pants Intensive)

July 6 - 11 (6 days: Pants & Bodice)

August 17 - 20 (4 days - Bodice Intensive)

October 12 - 17 (6 days: Pants & Bodice)

Please keep in mind that these fitting Retreats fill quickly since I only take 6 students per class.  And of course, Early Bird Discounts are available.

For the nitty, gritty details and everything you need to know about these fitting Retreats, please click here - SFD Classes & Events.   Just scroll down the page where you'll see all the major topics and a 'click here' to access the content of each. 

I know many of you would love to attend, but can't for any number of reasons.  Just remember that we now have the Pants Fitting Course on DVD - a 2-DVD set - which is the next best thing to being here in person since with it comes a personalized 1/2hr. Skype session with me.  And coming soon, we will have the Bodice Fitting Course on DVD.  Watch your SFD newsletters for this announcement. 

Here's a short video showing you some of what we do in these Retreats.

I hope to see some of you in 2014.



  1. Hi Glenda, Are you thinking of coming to Australia again in the future? I would think many of us 'down under' would love to attend a Fit and Sew Retreat.

  2. Hi Barb, No, we're not planning any Down-Under trips...sorry! We loved our trips but international travel has become much more difficult with all the supplies we needed to carry. My hands-on retreats are much different than the all day seminars offered then. But we do our best to keep you all current with all the You Tube videos, new designing books, and downloadable leaflets. I'm glad you enjoy using SFD. Kindly, Glenda